Monday, June 11, 2012

Tatum Bounds - Figure Superstar

Name: Tatum Wadleigh Bounds
Age: 37
Height: 5'3
Contest Weight: 116
Regular Weight: 123
Hometown: Slidell, La

I first started training for figure in 2010, with Danielle Kiefer at Pink Muscle. I became addicted to fitness after I had my first child (and weighed 190 going into labor) - after that and two years of hard work, (crossfit, long distance running, weight training,etc.) I finally got myself under control and weighed 115. But baby number two came, then three, and finally number 4. Carrying children did not stop my and my passion for fitness, it actually drove me and pushed me to become stronger!

Four years after the birth of my last baby girl, I competed in the 2010 Texas State. Instantly I became addicted. I remember saying - oh my gosh - this is a room full of crazy workout people - just like me! I placed 5th in the open and 4th in the masters. I thought - not bad for my first time. Then "it was on"! In August 2011 I won The Heart of Dixie! I came home the winner of my class, masters, masters overall and figure overall. Someone recently asked me - what is it that you want with all this...LOL - I said I want it all! It makes me a better, stronger, happier person - what MORE could you want?

I am a mother, a wife, a high school teacher, and a fitness instructor. I absolutley love waht I do! I give all my credit first and formest to God, because without Him I am nothing. My husband has been my biggest support, friend, - my rock. My children watch me - are proud of me (they pracitice posing with me), and I am creating good habits for them too! - My family helps when it comes to show time ( my mom and mother-in-law - It could not be done without them), my coach - Danielle - as brutally honest as she is - she is amazing, confident, professional and so well put togther! My Pink sisters - are always listening and helping me become the best I can be... And CCfitwear - and her most incredible suits ever!

When people ask me if they think they could do this - I tell them anyone can do this! As a matter of fact I believe everyone should eat like a competitor just once in their lives. I have never felt as energetic, - alive - as I do now...and I am not getting any younger ;0 Actaully - I can't wait to see how my body changes in the years to come!

Thanks for asking about my story! I will try to attatch some pics - but I am having a pro shoot during the Greater Gulf...As of now I do not have any "GOOG" quality pics...I will send pics soon and you let me know what you think

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