Monday, June 4, 2012

Jamey & Ashley: My Favorites in Figure

"Hey Christian! Since Emerald Cup, I have been very busy. I just completed my first year of grad school in which I am working on a Masters in Exercise Physiology and I have been prepping for USA's. That is 8 weeks from now and I am planning on bringing everything I have to the stage :) I am still working with Pete and Apple of Construction Zone and proud to be one of their athletes. I am currently developing my website and busy networking, trying to gain sponsorships."

Jamey Peters
Top Ranked NPC Figure Star

"I am currently 13 days out from NPC Jr. Nationals in Chicago, Illinois. Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling. I feel super confident and satisfied with my physique at this point in my competitive career.

I started prepping at 16 weeks out, originally planning to compete at Jr. USA's in South Carolina until a slight curve ball was thrown. I decided waiting until Jr. Nationals was the best thing for me and my career and I couldn't be happier with that decision. Like I always say, go with your gut feeling.

I must say that this prep has probably been the most difficult of all, mentally and physically. There were days when I didn't know if I'd get through and felt like I had hit rock bottom. However, even if I fell down 100 times, I always got back up. As we get older, life gets that much harder but it makes you that much stronger. We fail, then we succeed. We fall, we rise. We break, then we put the pieces back together. That's what makes you strong, that's what makes you a champion.

I have to thank Fahrenheit Nutrition for everything they do for me and their never ending support. My family has also bent over backwards for me and encouraged me everyday. They are nothing short of an amazing and I feel so blessed and extremely thankful.

Ashley Lemmons
Fahrenheit Nutrtion Endorsed Athelete
Top Ranked NPC Figure Star

This picture was taken at 7 weeks out.
Courtesy of Ingram Images.

Editor's Notes

There is so much talent on, and many of the ladies I've featured and/or interviewed weren't even placing when I first contacted them, but you can almost tell. Jamey and Ashley have been placing well for a long time, but they're both extremely hard workers. One look at Jamey's abs or Ashley's overall balance and you just know that both of these women have spent a long time in cardio classes and/or on cardio machines of varying degrees of agony. There is a lot to be said about great genetics, but even the best of genetics just aren't enough - not at this level.

I am convinced that both of these women will go pro and do serious damage. If they were class winners and both at 100%, I would be in ABSOLUTE HELL if I had to choose a winner. I would rather get tased by a police officer with a Napoleon complex that have to compare these two for the win. Kudos to the judges! :)

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