Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catching Up With Nicole Gray!

"I am now, a month removed from the IFPA Pro Bowl and I've had a lot of time to reflect on my offseason, my prep etc. My ultimate goal was to bring a package like I never have before, to really beat my personal best and hold my own against some amazing women and competitiors. Not only did I take the stage with my head held high, knowing in my heart that I gave my all and brought the best Nicole to the stage, I ended up placing 4th in my class...which was icing on the cake.

Just 3 weeks after the Pro Bowl, I kicked off my figure heels to give the NPC Women's Physique a shot. I only had a few weeks to learn the poses and put together some sort of a routine, but I wanted to just jump in and see what I was capable of. I had a great time and found that even though I am not much of a performer, I really fell in love with the division.

So, for now, I am staying barefoot focused on training and making improvments to my physique. I plan on taking the rest of this year to build and focus on bringing something really special to the WPD stage next year."

Nicole Gray
IFPA Figure Pro

Editor's Notes

Nicole Gray has been an important friend of this page from the getgo and we value being able to feature her yet again. She is a highly motivated, disciplined athlete that strives for excellence each and every time she walks on stage.

And while I have come to expect great things from her, when i saw her contest shots on facebook, I must admit, my draw literally dropped. There's no end in sight for her - and what you're reading here is straight from the heart. I wish Nicole and her team, as well as her sponsors, all the best!

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