Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ashley Lemmons - Figure's Best

I hope the judges are reading and keep an eye out for her; I hope &, FlexOnline all plan to do interviews with her! She's Ashley Lemmons - Fahrenheit Nutrition sponsored - Figure Superstar, and if it's anyone's time to go pro, it's Ashley's!

The sport needs more role models. I can't tell you how many women have received exposure here, only to unfriend me on facebook or totally ignore my sites once they get a win or two nationally or go pro. The sport needs people that actually care - especially in the Women's Divisions! There are so many women trapped in abusive relationships, limited by their own cultural or personal insecurities, so many that never strive for anything better - much less to get on stage in front of their communities and present the product of hard work, dieting, and self-sacrifice.

I've given exposure to some ladies that I truthfully regret down the road, because they're not role models - unless you pay them - they won't talk to you. Unless you help them, they won't stick their neck out for you. It's not about being a sucker or being a doormat, but those that truly care and truly want to give back - don't seem to populate this cut-throat industry in droves. So I hope the judges pause when they come across the name Ashley Lemmons - and before they jot down her scores, I hope they take my words to heart.

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