Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jamey Peters - Figure Royalty

Thanks so much to our Cover Star and good friend Jamey Peters for giving the chance to bring you some of her latest shots! Jamey also wrote us an update, so be sure to sit down and enjoy these awesome photos and her awesome words. We love her so much and expect her to take the Figure World by storm once makes her return to the stage.

"Here are some new pictures from David Aboody taken post competitions. As of late I am busy training away and preparing for LA championships followed by USA's. This weekend marks the 4- and 5-week countdown! Finally :) I am getting really exciting. Practicing my posing and helping other competitors has taken up a great deal of my time as well. I love meeting with new (or veteran) competitors and pumping them up for the up coming shows. It is soo cool to see the fire and sparkle in their eye and give 100% to their diet and training to accomplish their goals. This sport is extremely tough on the body and if there is one thing that I have learned in the past few weeks, is to listen to your body and train smarter. I have battled some issues with nerves and muscular tightness and in my head, I say push through it. My body however is telling me "heck no!" So I have taken more rest days than usual, spent a lot more time stretching, icing, massage therapy and trying to keep my stress down, all the while sticking to my diet and working with what I can. :)

I want to thank those special people who have been there, no matter what may be going on and supporting my dreams and goals. I want to thank my family for the encouragement and help with food prep or whatever it may be, they are there through the good, bad, and ugly lol! I want to thank Cace Tyler, for putting up with me and pushing me when I didn't want to be pushed. He will also be competing at LA Championships, so Cali, watch out. I would also like to thank my Grad school friends for putting up with the tilapia and asparagus smell in the grad lab and indulging in my cheat meals! I would like to thank my all my friends who have supported me through each journey! I am very blessed to have a great support team! And Thank you to my Construction Zone family! Each and every one of them has made a huge impact in my life and I am forever thankful for them, especially my coaches Pete and Apple Grubbs."

Jamey Peters
NPC Figure Superstar

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