Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ashley Lemmons - Hangin Tough

It looks like Ash is one step closer to proving to everyone that she's a true champion. She may not win or place as high as she (and all of us) had wanted, but she's being a professional and a good sport by continuing to record videos from Chicago and by carrying herself with class. She's already placed high at this show, she already has a great sponsor, and she already has a loyal fanbase. So instead of wearing a pouty face and whining, she's upbeat and positive.

No one can win all the time, and even if you could, who in the world would relate to you? This is real life in the real world. These athletes go through many of the same hardships we do, except in their case - they go through them during twelve weeks of hard dieting and training. Ashley Lemmons may not win this show, but I hope she's earned your loyalty and respect. Fahrenheit Nutrition is very lucky to have her on their roster.

NPC Figure Competitor Ashley Lemmons

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