Monday, May 14, 2012

Shelly Cannon Rules!

"I want to thank Team Long and especially Sarah Long for all she does. Also my family and friends for their support. Couldn't do it without them. Very much looking forward to competing at Jr. USAs on Saturday in Charleston."

- Shelly Cannon

Shelly Cannon
is a true friend to and a great role model for ladies throughout the fitness industry. She's a young woman that has the discipline to go far in this sport, the genetics to stand up against the best, the heart of a champion, and a humility that's rare in a sport dominated by big egos and delusions of grandeur. is an unassuming page - we know we work with small group of champions, but when the day comes that we take over - and we will take over - this small group of champions will be the people we help most. I am so proud to have Shelly on this page, and if you're not familiar with her, then by all means drop her a line or read her feature and contributions here. Shelly Cannon is so much more than a flawless physique. She's a wonderful person too :).

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  1. :) Thanks so much, Christian! You are so amazing! I truly appreciate the support and encouragement!