Monday, May 14, 2012

Makin Him Proud

Alma Villanueva
Contest wt: 94
Regular wt: 100
Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI

My first contest was at the Redford Theatre in 2010, where I made top 5. I took 4th place and my second contest (this one in September at Cobo Hall, I took 2nd place). Then I went onto Nationals, the Jr usa, and then the IFBB championship last Sept, where I took Top 5 (placing 3rd).

My friend, who's a bodybuilder, told me I should compete. From there she introduced me to her friend, who did my diet prep. I proceeded to author my own workout plan - and I got straight to work. I didn't have a trainer, but I knew what I had to do. My posing suit is from


Meal One: oatmeal 4eggs white
Meal Two: whey protein and stawberry.Meal Three: chicken and broccoli
Meal Four: chicken and sweet potato
Meal Five: chicken salad
Meal Six: fish and asparagus

Workout Routine

Monday: legs 15 3set squat 15 3set abs 50 reps
Tues; stermaster interval 20 min curl 15 3set then run 20 min interval
Weds: 15 3set arms curl 15 3set abs run interval 20 min
Thur: legs and squat
Fri: off sometime
Saturday: arms and abs
Sunday: legs squat, abs run interval 20 min

This sport is very important to me, but it's something I'm doing for my husband, who passed 8 months ago. I am just following his dream, making it my own. I hope to make him proud; I know he's with me.

Editor's Notes

Some people train, diet, and compete in hopes of getting some recognition, others do so in hopes landing a contract or becoming a star; some want to reach a milestone, to chart their own growth, a crowning jewel to place on the top a mountain of sacrifices in what might be the biggest lifestyle transformation of their life. These are all great reasons to compete and to get into the world of fitness, but to go through all that pain and suffering - al the heartache of poor placing, the money... to do that to honor someone's memory, that's a beautiful thing - to do that for your significant other, that's passed - that's got be the warmest, most romantic act of true love that could ever be realized. I know that Alma's husband can see her and what she's doing. True love never dies - it lives on.

Good luck Alma, I know you're going to go far, and I know the ladies here (the regulars), they'll have your back. It sounds like do plenty of national shows, so don't be surprised if AT LEAST half a dozen ladies pat you on the back - literally. I know you don't need it, but we care. What you're doing is so beautiful that it goes 150miles beyond whatever could be achieved with a physique and tanning oil.

Beautiful - you're a beautiful person.

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