Thursday, May 17, 2012

Becca's Corner

BC Fanpage Becca's Corner

Becca Johnson is one of our best friends and promoters on Facebook. She's always helpin us out for anything StrengthAddicts or related, and now, she has her own column!! Also known as Top NPC Bodybuilder Larry Neri's girlfriend, Becca has been very helpful to our pages, and with her column, she'll be a writing about a variety of issues.

One topic of special interest, however, is writing about what it's like dating/being in love with a competitive athlete. This subject is very important for men and women that have are in a relationship with a competitive physique star. It's important to understand what all is required for contest prep, keeping up connections to the industry, and moving ahead. Who knows, one day Becca may compete as well - or maybe not. But Becca's Corner will address so much, that there's no real way to preview this great project. All I can say is, check each month to see what's new - and definitely "like" that page because I have a feeling Becca will keep you guys very entertained - not to mention - informed!

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