Monday, April 23, 2012

We All Love Jamey Peters!

Jamey Peters is a true friend to our little page here; she's been featured, soon she'll be interviewed, and she's constantly being tagged on facebook on articles and features. She always hits the "like" button or she'll leave a nice comment. You don't have to shake a person's hand in "real" time to know that they are probably one of the nicest, most genuine people on Earth. There's a few ladies on here, Jamey Peters being one that immediately comes to mind, that I truly look forward to meeting one day. However, I've had enough interactions with her to tell you she's truly one of a kind.

This past weekend she took 3rd in her class at the Emerald Cup (photo above, courtesy of I think she brought a nice package to the stage, and I'm really proud of her, but there's so much to this girl than placings.

What I will say about her, in addition to her awesome personality and excellent genetics and presentation, is that she's honed in on the key concept of marketing - HERSELF! How often do I talk about this? I mean it's not even really funny at this point. I don't normally like to pick favorites, but it's no secret that my two favorite Figure physiques - hands down - belong to Jamey Peters and Ashley Lemmons - both girls I predict will go pro in 2012 and from there kick some major ass in the Pro ranks - if not immediately, then very early on into their pro careers. But enough of my yappin. I want to show you some awesome shots of the lady of the hour. Notice her flawless look, notice the different sites/photographers credited, and realize that if you think it's all about contest prep and posedowns - you're way off.

You can't wait for an agent to bump into you in line at Starbucks and discover you when you're wearing a trench coat. You need to get out there (meaning the email, phone call, vlog your butt off, go to Expos, start a blog or website, IT'S GOING TO TAKE SOME HARD WORK. And pray you never get an agent, pray you become your own agent -- that's more $$ for you. All you should ever really need, is an attorney to review any contracts before you sign them - and a trusted accountant. :) WORK! We all heart you Jamey :) . I didn't hit you up for an update after the EC, because I wanted to write this for you. I'm rootin for ya :) (and Ashley) and all the ladies on here :) (Marilena, Candice, Nicole, the Great Abby Clark, the day/old Birthday Girl Allison Moyer, and of course the Teen Champion who's going to make us all proud at Team Universe - the Cover Lady - Miriam Looney).

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  1. So true!! As a close friend and fellow competitor, i must say, not only is jamey a gorgeous physical specimen, she is a wonderful, beautiful woman inside as well. The class and grace she exudes on stage is executed daily and ive never met a woman with such drive and focus. Here's to goin' pro this year, peters!!! Love ya! Jyl marie