Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's Time to Rock 'n Roll

It's an absolute delight for me to introduce our next featured athlete. Her name is Katelyn Aseltine, a Michigan native, with a disciplined work ethic and the determination to succeed on and off the stage. And although we've not met in person yet, I can tell you, quite confidently, that this is a truly mature and well-rounded athlete. Katelyn is the type of competitor that will gladly appreciate applause and accolades, but she'll take in constructive criticism and comparisons with the same level of professionalism - local Lansing competitors should take note.

Before we get into her feature, I'd like to announce that there are plans to shoot a short video featuring Katelyn and physique competitor Kyle Hein for the StrengthAddicts Channel in the near future. There will also be a full interview with Katelyn within two months time.

Please take the time read this wonderful feature, as well as two announcements immediately following it.

Name: Katelyn Aseltine
Age: 21
Ht: 5'7
Contest Wt: 140
Regular Wt: 157
Hometown: Goodrich, Michigan

I am an ISSA Certified Exercise Therapist who currently works with Strength Training and Recovery (STAR Rehab) of Grand Blanc, MI with SCI and amputee athletes. I am currently in my Senior Year acquisition of my BA in Exercise Science at Oakland University of Auburn Hills, MI.

I began lifting weights when I was about 15 for a Goodrich High School’s Power Lifting team. From my very first competitive meet, I was absolutely hooked. The rush of testing the maximum potential of my complete strength was rewarding in every essence. I suppose you could say I was a bit of a tom boy. I fostered a passion for the science of strength, muscular endurance and means of nutrition through my trials of progression in the sports’ ADAU and USAPL sanctions. After earning state and national records in both divisions, I decided to hang my hat on the sport and try an entirely new challenge; The art of diet. I could produce high numbers during single presses and compound movements but I was always lacking the aesthetic “wow” factor of your prototypical “gym rat“. In late 2010, I made the personal commitment to compete in my first figure competition.

After weeks and weeks of vigorous research and preparation, I stepped on stage for the first time at NPC’s 2011 Grand Rapids National Qualifying Figure and Bodybuilding Champions where I went on to achieve first place in my height division and was presented with the Overall Figure Champion award for the entire show. Without taking a breath, I made my debut National appearance at NPC’s Jr. USAs and achieved Top 10 ranking. The feeling of being on stage is almost supernatural to me and I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel on the competitive season just yet. Still yearning to top my previous presentations, I committed to Michigan’s final state level national qualifier, NPC’s Western Michigan Championships where I was once again crowned the reigning Overall Figure Champion of the show. I was now the first female competitor awarded back-to-back Overall Figure Champion at the two biggest national qualifiers in Michigan at the age of 21.

Now that I've got a few shows under my belt, I am more than eager to debut a more refined presentation to the stage starting at NPC's 2012 Jr Nationals held in Chicago.I have also picked up the passion for suit designing and will be wearing my second ever Swarovski custom made suit to Chicago! I have remained hungry and focused in my progression leading to my first show in 2012. By my side is my team, Genomyx, a global supplement company tailoring innovative products to athletes, who have provided me with an exclusive edge to my nutrition regime. Products like Gut Health, a potent probiotic that I take with each of my 6 daily meals, and Slin-Sane, a nutrient partitioner that I use as a pre-workout that helps to shuttle nutrients into my muscles during vigorous, glyogen-depleting sessions are just a couple of my secret weapons issued by Genomyx!

First and foremost to our good friend Becca Johnson, who suggested I reach out to Vanessa Naesheim for an interview. Vanessa just won the Overall in Figure at the 2012 NPC Emerald Cup - the premier event in the Pacific Northwest. Expect a full-length interview within the coming days, available at

Our good friend Kerri Baker took 5th Place in the Bikini Division at the 2012 NPC Emerald Cup. [Contest photos will be released Monday] She had this to say, for

"I'd like to thank my coaches at Team Bombshell - it's been a dream to have coaches who help me focus on continuing to improve and bring the best "Kerri" to the stage and just focus on getting better every time. If I just worry about myself and continuing to grow, competitions become more enjoyable for me and experiences I can grow from. That's what keeps me going!

Never give up on your dreams. If people tell you to quit or you aren't good enough, don't listen. Listen to your heart, follow your plan, and never stop pushing towards a goal. You've GOT this!"

Kerri Baker

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