Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vanessa Naesheim Interview

She's your 2012 Emerald Cup - Overall Figure Champion, and I did a great interview with her at; below is an excerpt, but make sure to read the full piece!

Christian Duque: Let's get started by getting some basic information on you. What's your full name, age, ht, hometown/current city contest weight and regular weight. Also what gym(s) do you train at?

Vanessa Marques Naesheim: Full name is Vanessa Marques Naesheim, I just turned 26 on April 15th. I'm 5.5 tall and I'm originally from Norway. I currently live in Bakersfield CA. My contest wt was 120lbs, off season around 130. I train out of 24hr fitness.

Christian Duque: Talk to us about how you first got involved with weight training? What goals did you have then and today?

Vanessa Marques Naesheim: 4 years ago I befriended a lady at the gym where I worked who was in immaculate shape. She was a wife and mother but dieted & trained hardcore everyday. I was totally impressed & wanted to look just like her. We started working out together but life evolved, I moved and we lost contact- but I never stopped training. Now I live to train, nothing has really changed in that sense.

Read the Full Interview

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