Sunday, April 29, 2012

Holly Gieryic - Future Competitor

Name: Holly Gieryic
Age: 19
Ht: 5'9"
Contest Wt:
Regular Wt: 128

I first started training in my high school weight training class. I ended up enjoying it and then contiuned doing weight lifting after the class ended. I liked seeing the changes and i felt better about my self, it boosted up my confidence.

Diet: I eat a lot of veggies, chicken,fish,turkey burgers,brown rice, rice cakes,sweet potatoes,cottage chesse,low carb yougurt,pumpkin,protein shakes, I eat graham crackers sometimes and also coldstone ice cream on occassions :) I go by portions more than " good" or " bad" food. You need to make sure your getting enough protein, but if you want to eat a cookie or something and youve been working out hard it's not going to hurt you.

Thank: I would like to thank my mom and dad for buying me all of the food that I needed, and for motivating me to keep going in my training. I would not be successful if it wasnt for them.

Why I want to compete: I want to compete because I want to show off how much hard work and dedication can really change a person. I used to be a skinny weak girl, I couldn't even do one push-up. Now I can do thirty. People used to make fun of me because I was so weak, now people that see me are amazed at how much I have changed and ask me for tips all the time.

Rest of plans: Im working on getting some more lean muscle on me right now, when I feel confident enough I'm going to go and do a compeition in bikini and maybe figure later on.

Goals: My goals right now are to build up my lean muscle, and to work on my abs some more. I am pretty happy with how I look right now though. I also would like to become a personal trainer, I would love to help people that want to change and get healther but there not really sure how to go about doing it. It make's me feel good knowing that I have changed someones life around. Right now I'm working on helping my mom and sister train and they are improving a lot. I try to tell people the importance of doing weights and not just cardio, Since they have added weights they told me they feel a lot better and are noticing changes they never did with just doing cardio.

I also am thinking about making a facebook athelete page for me, so that people can get tips and everything from me. I have a bodyspace profile right now. I am trying to get myself noticed, My dream goal is to become a fitness model.

Train: I train at the Buckner Gym on Frt. Richardson. The staff is really helpful and they all know me and motivate me to keep on with my training and tell me how much I have improved. I was going to stop training before but they told me not to and that I am doing so good and that helped me to keep going. What stops a lot of people is that they don't notice a change in themselves, but you have to train for a while to actually notice a difference. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work but if you keep it up you will notice a difference, as long as you are eating healthy too.

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