Monday, April 9, 2012

Status Update with Nicole Gray

Nicole Gray, 12wks out.

"I'm currently 5 weeks out from the IFPA Pro Bowl on May 5th! (This was received on 4/2/12) Overall, I am feeling pretty good. Of course, each contest prep has it's up's and downs and this one has been no different but I am pleased with how things have come together.

As far as my diet is concerned, fats and protein have stayed consistent throughout my prep with a moderate carb cycle. Even though I complain about being hungry..It really hasnt been too restrictive, I just like to eat ;) On top of my weight training, I have 6 cardio sessions each week..a mix of HIIT as well as steady state.
It goes without saying that yes, I'm hungry and my energy comes and goes but for being this close to the finish line...I'm feeling pretty good and ready to step it up for the next 5 weeks to bring the whole package together.

Thanks for all the support, Christian!"

Nicole Gray
IFPA Figure Pro

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