Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jeanie Lyons - FEATURED!

Jeanie Lyons
25 yrs old
Contest Weight: 130 lbs
Off Season Weight: 150 lbs
Hometown: Boulder City , Nevada
This new lifestyle started when I was about 19 years old , so around 2007 . My boyfriend and I just bought our first house and we would always party , drink and go out to eat all the time . Weight or health never crossed our minds because we were having fun and we had each other . Out of the blue one morning , we just decided to weigh ourself.I stepped up and saw that i was about 180 lbs and even more shocked to see him at 288 lbs . That was the turning point , when I realized i didnt care about my body and I need to change before it gets out of hand . That week i joined the gym, and was hitting it hard . I became very awhere what I was eating . I started to ask trainers and read on different diets. But when it came to it , I just stopped eating fast food and junk food . I ate more chicken , veggies , some fruit and I stopped eating after 7 pm . I would weigh myself monthly and i started off lossing about 8 lbs a month . So after working out and eating right , about 5 months down the road i lost about 50 lbs my boyfriend lost 100lbs . By that point we both wanted more . I wanted to gain muscle and have that six pack people dream of. So we hit the gym harder and harder each time. We started to looked into supplements and seeing about we needed to take. So lucky we heard of the Mr. Olympia Expo and were able to get samples and talk to so many great people. Thats were I saw all the women competitors and thought to myself maybe one day I can do that, but never really thought it was possible . I was a very shy and quiet person and it was hard for me to come out of my shell . 

                 So after a year and a half of working out and  building muscle , people in the gym were noticing and asking me if I compete or if I was a trainer. That got me thinking of competing. My boyfriend , now a personal trainer , was able to find a great group of people that compete called “Dee’s Divas”. Its Denise Dinger and her husband Craig Dinger , they both are personal trainers and coaches for competitions. I went down and met them and thats was it , I was hooked . They were so welcoming and very supporting . After signing up for my first show , I knew there was no going back now . About 12 weeks of training and dieting , it was show time . I loved everything about it . I wanted to do more and more .

     I don’t think I could have done any of this without my ,now fiance, Thomas Lopez . He is a great personal trainer , known as King Fitness here in Las Vegas . He is always helping me in my work out and giving me that extra drive that I need. He is my everything  . I really do thank him for believing in me and pushing me out of my shell.A huge thanks to Dee’s Divas for all the coaching , dieting plans , posing lessons  and the list goes on and on . I see all of them as family now. They welcome everyone and anyone with open arms . I love them all dearly . Thanks to Silivia Saleyla from for making me my first figure suit . It was perfect and I will have it forever . Thanks to Maggie Keaveny from , for my second figure suit and it is BEAUTIFUL . I came out so perfect and breathtaking . Just recently I got sponsored by an amazing company called AI Sports Nutrition . I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to represent them and to establish a name for myself in this industry . I am so excited to be the first female that is being sponsored by them and will make them proud.  

  I really couldnt thank you all enough for all that you have helped me in, and not just in competing but in making my life exciting and full of life now. 2012 I hope in placing better and just doing more competitions to get my name out there and work for my procard .

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