Friday, April 6, 2012

Update with Physique Pro Marilena EchoHawk

Marilena during a photoshoot with Rob Sims

"Thanks for allowing me to share a little about myself, my prep for The New York Pro Show and being a part of the The Drive Clothing, Inc.

Currently, I am 7 weeks away from competing in my second show of the year, The New York Pro. From all indications, this show will be BIG from the standpoint of the venue and potential names of competitors slated to compete. Why should it be a surprise..its THE BIG APPLE right??

As for my prep, It has been fun, yet very challenging at times. I thoroughly enjoy the training and all aspects relative to preparing to compete, but I also have to be dedicated to my time management skills not only as a IFBB Physique Pro, but also as a banking executive and single mother. Here is a example of my schedule on any given day:

Another awesome shot of Marilena in front of Rob Sims

3:30 am - Wake Up
4:00 am - Cardio at the gym
6:15 am - Check business emails, get ready for work and take my daughter to school
8:00 a.m - 5:00p.m. Meet with staff, clients, etc.
5:30 Cardio/Workout at Armbrust pro Gym
7:30-8:00 p.m. - Head home, prep dinner and help daughter with homework
9:00 p.m.- Final review of work emails
10:00 p.m. - Go to Bed

I am very disciplined at keeping to my schedule and this doesn't include making sure I have eaten my prep food at the designated times throughout my day. But, I enjoy the process and therefore, that is why I compete!

One of the many positives I have enjoyed since the beginning of the competition season is the outpouring of interest and support for our new division by those who tell me at the gym or via social media. I am surprised and humbled to hear or get messages from people saying "they love my look" or that they have become "fans" of mine. To have that type of "extended" family support is literally what drives me during my workouts and helps me envision what type of routine I will perform.

Marilena at the IFBB Desert Classic 2012
Photo from RxMuscle/DanRay 

Speaking of having the "DRIVE" -- I am proud to be a sponsored athlete along side my good friend IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Champion, Luis Santa for "The DRIVE" bodybuilding and fitness wear. After the NY Pro, I plan on going to several NPC/IFBB shows and proudly represent this amazing line of clothing developed by my good friend, Chad Lemons. It is my intention to meet with my new friends and fans and get to feel THE DRIVE as I do everyday at the gym!!.Please take a look at!!;) This has been a GREAT 2012 and its only going to get BETTER!!

So in closing, I want to say to everyone Thank you for your continued to support...and mostly.. "Keep your focus...Keep your eye on the prize..and most of all...Keep that DRIVE going until you reach the top!!"<P><center><br><b>Marilena EchoHawk<br>IFBB Physique Pro</b></center>

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