Thursday, April 12, 2012

Karlie Grooms - Eyes on the Prize

Karlie Grooms
22 years old
142 contest weight
150 regular weight
Paducah, Ky

I started competing in 2010. I was persuaded by a close friend, Alicia Martin, to start competing. Once I did my first show which was the Northern KY in 2010 I won my class and have been "hooked" ever since then! I love competing and think its a great way for people to keep themselves in the best health and shape possible.

My diet for the past two shows has been a lot different then my diet from when I started competing in 2010. I am currently working with Dave Palumbo. He does my diet and cardio for me and I do my own workouts. My diet for the part two shows have consisted of two diets. A protein/veggie/ carb diet & a protein/fat/carb diet which we alternate on a daily basis or sometimes every two days. Yes, I do get carbs everyday. My body reacts well with carbs so Dave uses this to my benefit. If I don't have carbs I become very flat and stringy so we avoid no carbs unless I am needed to drop a couple lbs pretty quick. For my protein I eat eggs, egg whites, chicken, talapia, lean beef and Isolyze protein powder. Carbs I eat brown rice and oatmeal. Fats I eat natural peanut butter, olive oil, almonds, & cashews. And veggies I eat mostly green beans and salads.

I would like to thank God first of all for giving me the health and ability to compete in this sport. Without Him nothing is possible, but with Him anything is possible :) I would also like to think Dave Palumbo for my diet and cardio. I look forward to what hes gonna do with me on the national level stage. Also, would like to think Alicia Paris for getting me started in this sport and for all of her support through all my competitions! I would like to thank all my family and friends out there who support me also. You guys motivate me to keep working hard on a daily basis :)

My plans for 2012 include Jr. USA's & Jr. Nationals to earn my pro card at one of the two. Then I would like to compete at the pro level and eventually get invited to the Olympia!

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