Saturday, April 14, 2012

Janessa Mitchell - Fresh Off Stage!

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I just finished rocking the stage at the NPC Texas Shredder Classic in Austin Texas for prejudging. I love competition days! I'd have to say my absolute favorite part is spending time with all of the amazing athletes backstage. I remember my first competition...I was so nervous and shy. I expected everyone to be snobby premadonnas...I expected people to be out to get everyone else. I quickly learned how absolutely wonderful all of the other girls are. Basically, it's like your hanging with your crew at the gym...there is just a lot more makeup and hairspray involved! 

I've made some of my best friends backstage at competitions. People rally around each other and help each other look their best even if they're in the same class! I see these things as a celebration of everyone's hard work, both the athletes and the promoters of the events.

8hrs ago.

The Shredder Classic is organized by IFBB pro Dave Goodin and his lovely girlfriend, Diana Hurley. I believe they put on some of the best and most organized NPC events i have had the pleasure of attending. They always have a great team of volunteers. It's positively amazing what they do to make these events so special for the athletes.

I am done with prejudging and am relaxing until finals tonight. I made first call outs, which is very exciting. Although, no matter what the outcome, I'm blessed to have met so many amazing new people and had a blast hanging out with old friends.

If you're on the fence about whether not you should compete, just get out there and do it! It's an incredible experience!

 I now have to get ready for finals! Wish me luck!



Hunnika Rodriguez - Unfriends Us! (on the downlow)
This super-talented rising star, who was featured on this page and featured in several polls, not to mention is listed on the side panel of the page (when other ladies like Candice Perfect, Sally Lunsford, and Valerie Garcia, who participate in virtually everything are not), has unfriended me. Hunnika, who's associated with Tanji Johnson's SAVE Fitness (my favorite Team on the scene) hasn't changed my opinion of that organization. I also understand that some people don't like when I tag them on updates (but a simple message to me fixes that). But to unfriend me, without any explanation and for no reason, that is a dirty move - and one that's going to get press. Supplement comapnies, magazine publishers, photographers, they all see this and it makes them (it makes me) wonder why on Earth I'd want to work with someone like that? Friends when it's of benefit, then quietly disappear when it's no longer convenient. Hunnika Rodriguez - I wish you the best - but there was no way your crappy attempt at an exit was going to go unnoticed. Shame on you.


Christian Duque, founder of StrengthAddicts & FigureBikini, fired back  at the HodgeTwins over a venomous video they made about natural star, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jeff Willett. Duque took exception with frivolous accusations hurled against the Team Universe winner.

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