Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sherri Stokes - Enjoy the Journey!

Name: Sherri Stokes
Age: 44
Ht 5'7"
Contest :134#
Regular: 145-148#
Hometown: Napoleon, ND (25 years ago!) Presently: Olympia, WA

Just competed and won the Masters over 40 Tanji Johnson Show last night. My focus is on earning my procard this year.

"I have been an athlete most of my life. My dad was a HS wrestling coach and because of his positive influence, my mindset was 'never settle for 2nd best'.

 In 2004 I was spurred on to compete when I saw pictures of girls in the back of Oxygen and Muscle & Fitness Hers looking incredibly fit, beautiful and muscular. As I pointed to the photos I asked my husband, "could you ever see me do something like that?" I thought he would give me a simple answer like "sure honey". But no, he went into a 20 minute monologue about how incredible it would be to work for that kind of a goal, and the healthy example I would set for our girls (we have 2); and what a hot wife he could have!

So in May 2004 after meeting a great personal trainer, John Moore (One Moore Rep) I started this journey! We are a military family and have been in Olympia WA for the past 5 years. I am now a personal trainer as well, teach Mat Pilates, and continue competing in NPC Figure.

My diet has evolved over the years. I eat clean and have found that a wheat-free diet prevents me from getting puffy on the off season. I LOVE my carbs, yet a ketogenic diet works well with my body. So I experiment with recipes to create foods that make me think I am having naughty carbs (protein pancakes and egg crackers are two that I am perfecting).

I train with Donnie Whetstone and Nic Younis at FitStop24 in Olympia WA and am part of Tanji Johnson 's Save Fitness.

I would like to thank them and my husband and children for supporting me and loving me through in this sport. Being a figure competitor can be very demanding on ones time and body. They assist and love me through it all; the diligent food preparation, the tired body after heavy lifting and cardio, the moods I can be in due to contest prep. I am incredibly blessed.

I have several suit designers I like that make suited best for my body. My favorite is Merry Christine.
My plans for 2012 are already in full swing. I placed 6th at the 2012 Arnold Amateur, and won the Master's over 40 Figure class at the 2012 NPC Vancouver Natural. I plan to compete at the Emerald Cup and Nationals.


Sherri Stokes

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