Monday, April 2, 2012

Candice Perfect UPDATE!

Ingrid Romero and Candice Perfect

I am currently preparing for my next show which is in 13 days!  I will be competing at the Jon Lindsay Amateur Grand Prix in Culver City, California on April 14th!  I am super excited and feel confident with the physique I’ll be bringing to the stage this time.  With the help of my amazing coaches from Team EDGE, Ingrid Romero and Joe DiScuillo, I’ve made several modifications to my workout routine and diet.  Ingrid and Joe have worked with me to pinpoint certain things about my physique that I need to work on in order to be a better competitor in the world of fitness.  Although I know it will take time before I achieve my ideal shape, I’m on the right track and have begun to make progress!

Candice training hard.

Modifications to my workouts have been focused on adding more muscle in the glute, hamstring, lat, and upper chest areas.  I am pretty lean naturally, which presents a problem when trying to appear curvy and shapely.  Working on building muscle in my lat area has helped give more of a tapered look to my back area, which in turn has made my waist appear smaller.  My coaches have also incorporated many glute and hamstring focused exercises into my workouts which have really helped me isolate those areas and begin to add curves in places that were previously lacking.  They have also incorporated plyometric movements, which I really hadn’t done much of before. 

 There haven’t been many modifications to my diet.  My coaches have me on a well balanced nutrition plan that is different everyday so I don’t get bored.  Really the only change that I’ve made regarding my nutrition is more conscious timing of my carbohydrates around my workouts.  I know when I’m going to workout so I make a deliberate choice of what to eat before and after, including what kind of carbs and how many.  I’ve achieved good results while using this method and would definitely recommend it. 

TEAM EDGE all the way!

Another interesting update on me is that I recently had the opportunity to shoot with photographer, Noel Daganta.  I had an awesome time and learned a lot about posing.  It’s always amazing to me how a good photographer can capture a beautiful raw image that needs no, or minimal editing.  I hope to shoot with Noel again in the near future!  During my next visit to California I will be shooting with photographers Harry from LHGFX, and Chaz with Chaz Photographics.  I have a lot to look forward to in the next couple of weeks! 

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