Sunday, April 1, 2012

Amy Watson WINS Lansing!

An aspiring Figure Champion, Amy Watson, has added another local title to her name! That's right folks, in a shocking decision, Amy Watson of Jermichael Pratt's Team Infinity, took the Overall title at the 2012 NPC Lansing Grand Prix. Usually, I'll post photos but I don't have access to any. Usually I'll borrow photos from (Dave Palumbo's site), but I guess there are shows that are too small to cover. Nonetheless, from what I hear Jermichael Pratt's Team Inifinity title sponored a great show.

Elizabeth Crenshaw, also of Jermichael Pratt's Team Infinity, who asked not to have any more videos associated with StrengthAddicts/FigureBikini, took 1st Place in Physique. Rumor had it she would be used to pad the Figure numbers, but as it turns out, there seems to have been enough competitors there, so Liz was able to compete in what she'd trained for. Good for you girl!

The review, which was later assessed by many of the champions that appear on this site, was said to be favorable. Amy Watson, from what I've heard from reliable sources didn't seem to think so, and from there on a domino effect occurred, with Michelle M. & Liz asking to be dissassociated. Liz took a commanding 1st place in a field of 2 - she was 1 of 2.

Liz has done as well on the national stage as her colleague Amy Watson - a true testament to the training and nutritional philosophies of the great, Jermichael Pratt.

I emailed Jermichael Pratt - pretty long email trying to reach out to him - but he didn't reply. Why would he? He sponsors the show, he runs a Team, he's a well known bodybuilder, I mean the man is a living legend; why on Earth would he reply to an email from me? I just run a few sites; it's not like anyone pays attention to me. :)

If anyone has a photo of Amy from the show, or you Amy would like to provide me one, please do so. For now, I've used a cool shot from the 2011 NPC Junior Nationals where Amy took 16th place in the D Class.

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