Friday, April 20, 2012

Marketing and Strategy 101

Rising NPC Bikini Star and Team Edge member, Candice Perfect, launched her Facebook Athlete's page this week. Like her stellar competitive career, the page jumped to above 100 members in a question of hours. There's no question that this super talented, well connected, and unquestionably hardworker will go pro in a matter of months! If you seen her photos on, you can tell she dresses/acts professionally on-and-off the stage. And her association with Ingrid Romero's Team Edge is relationship made in heaven, as Candice continues to climb the ranks and Team Edge continues to grow!

But it's really important to keep repeating this message to you all - I do so AT LEAST once a month. And that message is, PROMOTE YOURSELVES! I understand that getting a website is hard work and a big investment.

Many athletes, in fact, end up giving up on their dot coms because they cost too much and bring in too little; however, when you're talking about Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace - they're free and they are sites where most people congregate. So not only are they free, but they're more effective than paying for your own site.

That having been said, whether or not you plan on ever developing a webpage -- make the $6 investment and register your own NAME-DOT-COM. No one cares about DOT NET, DOT ORG, DOT U.S., etc. It started out as a DOT COM world in the 90's and IT WILL ALWAYS BE A DOT COM WORLD!

If you're a physique athlete and you don't register your own name dot com, some opportunist assbag will, and years down the road when you want it, they'll gladly sell it to your for $5,000. And worse, that whole time, all those months or years you don't show an interest in it, that person may use your name to sell legal weed or sex aides, it happens all the friggin time. YOUR NAME DOT COM is a blank page with sex ads and get rich quick schemes. You may never decide to build a website - but SECURE your name. Your name is your brand and your brand is your money, it's your future, it's your legacy. Am I getting the point across here?

Also... everyone is jumping ship from MYSPACE because Facebook and Twitter rule, but out of 200 social media sites; Myspace is still at a strong #4 (FB - 1, Twitter - 2). You DO NOT want to abandon Myspace; #4 in the world is still better than Flckr, Tublr, Orkut, Badoo, Friendster, it's still big.

Let's say you spend 1hr a day on social media promotion (something you should do). Spend 30 minutes on Facebook, 20 minutes on Twitter, and 10 minutes on Myspace. Even if you think you're all alone there, update your profile page, reach out to people, keep yourself active there. Because in 2003 Myspace was #1, and if you think their shareholders are content with being #4, you better think again. When (and it's very likely) Myspace reclaims the #1 spot, all those 10minute days you put in are going to mean the world, when all these folks start comin back. BE A STRATEGIST, you can't afford not to. It's your name, your brand, YOUR MONEY!

Thanks for reading along - Please Visit Candice Perfect's brand new page! Show your support!

Vlogging is also a great, easy way to use to market yourself. You can tape yourself, do supplement reviews (like this one I just did), or have someone tape you in gym.


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