Thursday, April 19, 2012

Betheny's Return!

This is a story about a great champion that underwent surgery and recovery, but no matter what hurdles life put in her way, she was determined to make her way back to the stage. She was in pain, but she was determined. And last week she had a stellar performance, in what will be a powerful comeback. Betheny Jordan, like Shala Singer, is a woman that refuses to give up, and that makes her a great champion!

Take a moment and a read short but moving update; if anything, it will inspire you to push ahead. If want to succeed in life, nothing short of death can stop you. Never underestimate THE MIND and THE WILL TO SUCCEED!

"I just took 2nd place in bikini Class F at the April 14th GNC 2012 NPC AMATEUR GRAND PRIX - a National Qualifier.

I am feeling really great about my placing because there were 16 really pretty girls up there and I was blessed with 2nd place. I got a 2 from each judge totaling me at 10 points. I got my feedback from the judges, which has now given me the needed motivation. The judges told me to concentrate on my abs, develop separation. So, with that said I am excited to make my next body transformation for the next show. However this will be a challenge because I am still healing from my umbilical hernia surgery I had March 14, 2012.

After surgery, I rested for 2 weeks and trained my butt off for the next 2 weeks leading up to the Grand Prix. I know it was pushing it to do a show 4 weeks after surgery but I had ants in my pants…lol! I just had to get back up on that stage and get my shine on!

To prep for the show I had to put on a few pounds. I drink Muscle Milk for my protein, and I take Animal Pack for my vitamins. I take liquid creatine, and glutamine pills. I love love love eating lots of bread. Most people are afraid of bread but I couldn’t live without it. I take in a lot of grilled chicken, pasta, steaks n potatoes, and yes I have plenty of fruits n veggies. My fav spots to eat are the Bagel Street CafĂ©, Olive Garden (muscles n bread sticks), McDonalds (oatmeal), and Grazzie Bar n Grill (pasta). But no matter where I go there is nothing better than my own cooking and sitting down at the table with my family."

-- Betheny Jordan

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  1. Excellent!.... The Ladies we Love to Hear, Speaking From the Heart and the Head.