Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Favorite [TV} Shows

Most of the women on this site are known for training hard, eating lean, and maintaining an almost ironclad discipline - year round. But what do the ladies do to unwind? What's a time when they just chill out? I didn't want to ask about food or drink however - as that's kind of generic in fitness-based interviews. So I asked the next best thing - "what's your favorite tv show?"

Before sharing the responses with you, I must say that some of the champions were a bit lazy for this one - we got a whopping 2 Responses. One lady seemed to have a bit of an attitude, a couple were out of town, a few were busy, some were ill, and so on.. Big thanks Candice Perfect and Kaeli Rivera, who I'm sure both had things to do, but they participated. Your input is greatly appreciated and won't be forgotten. :)

"I don't watch television that often, but when I do I have several shows that I can't resist! I usually wait until they are out on DVD and I can watch all of the episodes in a row. My favorites are House, The Office, Desperate Housewives, and Gossip Girl. I have watched every episode of all these shows... except for the current season since I'm waiting for them to come out on DVD! My favorite character from House is of course, House himself! I don't have a favorite character from The Office; I mostly like the interaction between all characters. Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl are my guilty pleasures :). Depending on the drama du jour, my favorite character preference may change each season or episode."

Candice Perfect

"My favorite TV show is by far Man v Food... or anything with Adam Richman, so Man v Food Nation and Amazing Eats are included too! Everyone asks how I can watch those food shows, isn't it torture to see food you can't eat? While I may drool over the food they show sometimes, it isn't as hard as people would think to watch food shows. It's living vicariously through the TV, it's the closest I can get without tempting myself too to the point that I might cave in. I also really love watching the food challenges, too.

I always look forward to Wednesday nights on the Travel Channel because I know there's a new episode of my favorite show on and I can just sit down for 30 minutes and quietly indulge in all of my cravings, without having to cheat on my diet."

Kaeli Rivera

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