Monday, March 19, 2012

PINK SLIME for America's Schools

Article: Pink Slime For School Lunch: Government Buying 7 Million Pounds Of Ammonia-Treated Meat For Meals

"I think it's funny how the article is sure to quote scientists stating the "pressure to approve this stuff with minimal safety approval" came during Pres. Bush's administration, but the USDA has only just now, in 2012 (4th yr of Obama administration), planned to buy 7 million lbs of it for school lunches. But, the article doesn't mention "Obama" anywhere.

Of course our school's shouldn't be serving this stuff if it has no nutritional value and contains dangerous chemicals. But, the article doesn't address those concerns in depth. The information on the "stuff" is very minimal, dubious, and vague. What are the macro-nutrients and the ingredient breakdowns? What exactly is ammonium hydroxide and how often is it used on foods?

I'd consider myself a libertarian, though not extremely political anyway!"

- Valerie Garcia this article is about politics - and who wants to talk about that? I mean it's only our country that's at stake? It's like what's the best protein powder or who to go to get spraytanned... But seriously, out of 20+ people, Valerie was only woman to reply. Thanks for that. And thanks for putting so much thought into your commentary - AS USUAL!

I find it very troubling that America's school children are served a product that's of such low quality, that even fast food turns it down. I too would like to know the nutritional value of this product -- it would have been nice had the journalists included that. I think I'll come back to this story. I wanted to release a great comment and an article that's somewhat interesting from the Huffington Post; however, I plan on doing some more research on this and releasing a full article in the coming weeks. If anyone wants to contribute some info, drop me a line at:

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