Saturday, March 10, 2012

Attitudes & Indifference

Ok, so listen, I'm going to vent - and it's not going to be pretty. There's two types of competitive athletes that are featured on this page. There's many different types of women, but there's two types of competitive athletes. There's are the ladies that place - those who the judges recognize and reward. And there's they ladies that place poorly, but who I see real potential in and who I believe it's only a question of time, before they place well. Both types of women are featured and appear on polls. I value the opinions of both types of athletes, but there's no science to determining which women will be active w/ the page.

You'd think the champions want the exposure to get even bigger; and you'd think the girls not placing would also want the limelight to get discovered. But like I said, there's no science. Champions like Ashley Lemmons and Jamey Peters are always on board, champions like Ruthie Harrison and Hunnika Rodriguez have been somewhat MIA lately, and champions like Narmin Assria are too successful now to even bother replying to any polls. But it's cool. I can deal with being ignored (to a certain extent), but what I can't deal with is attitude.

Whether it's a champion that misreads a simple poll question on facebook or it's a local figure competitor that starts drama throughout town b/c of a rave review that happened to include an honest review that was just that. I don't like attitudes when they played out againt my page. I can deal with being ignored, but I can't take attitude. Anyways, I'll have a real post for you guys later today. This is just venting.

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