Monday, February 13, 2012

Maria Rita Penteado - Classic Muscle

Name: Maria Rita Penteado
Age: 28 years old
Ht: 5'5''
Contest Weight: 134lbs
Regular Weight: 150lbs
Hometown: Araraquara, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I started weight training by myself when I was 15, with a pair of dumbells and an iron bar in my bedroom. I used to watch fitness tv shows and learn some exercises, then I started seeing changes in my body, wich made me motivaded to learn more and this love for fitness guided me to study Physical Education and get a Bachelor's Degree in the area by one of the best Brazilian Universities ( Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos - UFSCar) in 2002. After that, I started a successfull career as a personal trainer in Brazil, still training and improving myself and now being able to help others to do the same and reach their fitness goals.

On August, 2008, I decided to move to NY to do a student exchange program and was introduced to competitive bodybuilding, doing my very first show in 2009 (NY Steve Stone Metropolitan - 04/11/2009) when I got the first of many victories. After that, I was hooked to the competition world! My body was built from all the years of training, but since I first competed and showed off my work, everything changed and my passion for bodybuilding got even bigger. Now its my life! I still live in Long Island, NY and love my healthy lifestyle and all the amazing people I have met because of the sport. I want to keep improving and competin as much as I can and be able to inspire people to do the same and improve themselves, by getting healthier and fitter.

My diet is very simple, with lots of vegetables and protein every meal. Carbs and fats are added too, depending on the level of activity i'm doing on that day. More activity and harder workouts need more calories. The days i'm off the gym, I eat less calories. Everything is about balance. That's the secret. My favorite carbs are oats and potatoes. For protein, I like eggwhites and chicken. And for fats, red meat, avocados and whole eggs.

I would love to thank you for giving me this space to talk about myself and promote the sport. Also, want to say thanks to my boyfriend and coach, Justin Miller, who plays a big role in my progress and always help me with my preparation and believes in my potencial, pushing me to try and achieve the best in me. Thanks to all my friends and supporters: u guys rock and keep me motivated!!!!! And thanks to my parents, my biggest fans!

My next challenge is the Arnold Classic 2012 in Ohio. Its a big show and I am very excited for it. Hope to see you guys rooting me on. See you in Columbus!


NY Metropolitan Bodybuilding Championship,
2009: FIRST PLACE Lightweight division. (April, 2009)

New Jersey Suburban Bodybuilding Championships,
2009: OVERALL WINNER (April, 2009)

2009 Bev Francis Atlantic States Bodybuilding Championships:

2009 East Coast Bodybuilding Championships, New Jersey:
OVERALL WINNER (November, 2009)

Eastern USA Bodybuilding Championships, NY:
FIRST PLACE Lightweight divison. (November ,2009)

2010 Bev Francis Atalntic States Bodybuilding Championships:

Europa Battle of Champions Bodybuilding Championships, CT:

2011 Arnold Classic Amateur
, Columbus, OH:
9th Place, Lightweight divison (March, 2011)

2011 Eastern USA, New York, NY:
OVERALL WINNER (November 2011)

Editor's Notes

I'd like to thank Maria Rita Penteado for taking the time to appear on I was after this feature for a long time -- can you blame me? This is a truly beautiful woman, with classic lines, and a very pleasing physique. She is extremely outgoing and always very professional. I hope you enjoy this read, so I'm going to keep my comments brief. I know this will be one of your all-time favorite features on this page!!!

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