Sunday, February 12, 2012

Catching Up & Updates

Catching up with Danae Zaitz

"Let's see, I have hired a new coach and am proud to say I am now an ELITE DOLL being coached by the one and only Carlo Filippone. We are working towards putting on as much size as I can in the next 3 months while staying as lean as possible (we'll see how that goes) :) I will be competing in Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA on July 20th. I'm very excited about that and I am working hard!

I am not really concentrating on sponsorship right now, I feel I have to work towards that and be a good representation of the sport/product and I have not gotten there as of yet in my eyes. Now, if someone wants to sponsor me I'll take it but I will not pursue anything as of yet ;)

Overall, off season has done well for me. I have put on some much needed size and hopefully when I do my final cut it will all show through. Having a great 2012 so far and looking forward to the shows and being with friends again. Off season is kinda lonely.


NPC Bikini Star, Laura Ridings has updated her website But this isn't just any 'ole update; she's put up a very informative, elegantly designed section on Meals. By logging onto this wonderful site, you can see what a top level NpC star eats! You get delicious and healthy meal ideas that include: breakfast, snacks, sides, and main courses!!

Make sure to check out Laura's awesome page, today! Right now!

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