Saturday, February 11, 2012

Amy Scifres - Oklahoma's Secret Weapon!

Name: Amy Scifres
Age: 35
Height: 5’ 7”
Contest Weight: 130
Regular Weight: 142
Hometown: Duncan, Oklahoma
Current City: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

It all started with a desire to live a healthier lifestyle. No real fitness goals or expectations. A tall, pencil thin, skinny little white girl struggling with low self-esteem, self-doubt, knowing absolutely nothing about health and fitness, stumbles into a gym, scared out of her mind, not really knowing what she was doing, clueless to the fact that this was the defining moment in her life that would change everything. Armed only with the desire to live a healthier lifestyle.

I have always considered myself to be a fairly healthy and athletic person. I played sports growing up, ran track in junior high, played golf in high school, and intramural sports in college. But after college my health and fitness lifestyle pretty much fell by the wayside, except for a few seasonal excursions. My career had started and I was working long hours to ensure my place in the agency. It was then that I decided to listen, to take time out of my busy lifestyle, and to pursue a growing desire to live a healthier lifestyle.

I joined my first gym in 2005 with no real fitness goals or expectations just a desire for a healthy life style. Looking back I laugh, I was a sight, I can only imagine and I knew it was going to take more then a just my desire, to succeed. It was then that I first met my trainer and friend Nigel Scarborough founder of After several months of working out with Nigel – hard work, SWEAT (lots of sweat), and determination – we were able to achieve far more than I ever imagined. I not only began to put on muscle, a few sexy curves, but more importantly I began to gain confidence in myself. Nigel is a wealth of knowledge; I was learning so much about health, fitness, and what it takes to get that sought after, desired physique. This change, this confidence, is what began to fuel my determination to become the healthy, physically fit, confident, and sexy woman I am still striving to be today.

As my body began to transform Nigel began to ask me if I was interested in competing. Compete? Me? At first it was the furthest thing from my mind. I could hardly even speak to someone; I couldn’t even begin to imagine getting up on stage in front of them, to be judged. It wasn’t until the summer of 2009 that with the help of my trainer I decided to tackle the fear of the stage. We made a few small changes to my diet and workout regime and the results were amazing. I competed in my first show in September 2009 placing 2nd in the figure tall division. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of excitement. It was an amazing feeling of freedom. Fueled by the excitement and freedom from my fears we returned to the gym preparing for my first NPC competition dedicated and determined to push to see what we could accomplish. I placed 3rd that October in my first NPC competition and I knew that it was just the beginning.

Contest History:

2011 NPC Oklahoma City Grand Prix
1st Figure Class C

2011 NPC USA – 15th Figure Class E

2011 NPC Branch Warren Classic
14th Figure Class B & 6th Figure Masters 35+

2010 NPC Red River Classic – 1st Figure Class D

2010 NPC Oklahoma Championships
Figure Class B

2009 NPC Red River Classic – 3rd Figure Class D
2009 Total Package – 2nd Figure Division Tall

Since then my fitness goals, expectations, and physique have transformed as well as my desires. While I am still pursuing a healthy life style by eating clean and training hard, it is now my desire to inspire and motivate those around me to do the same. It has taken a lot of hard work, sweat, determination, and dedication, but I now believe that anyone can obtain the healthy body image they desire. My pursuit has not only made me a stronger healthier more confident woman, but has given me the desire to share my transformation with others in hopes that they too will chose to abandon the unhealthy habits of the fast passed world and pursue a healthy lifestyle. I am excited about my transformation and proud of how far I have come overcoming many of my greatest fears along the way.

So what is in store in 2012? What is the next step in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle? I plan to continue to build and challenge myself, striving for a more complete physique and a perfect confidence. I plan to compete at the NPC Junior National Championships in Chicago June 15th – 16th.

Editor's Notes

I'd like to thank Amy for going all out and really participating in this feature. Like I tell those selected to appear here, the more time you take with your work, the better the overall, finished product will be. This is a seasoned champion that has had the good fortune of meeting a trainer/coach/friend that works well with her, that knows how to guide her to achieving a winning look.

I like the fact that Amy has the level of experience that she does, because it will come in very handy as she moves up the rankings. Like anything in life (law, medicine, space travel, bodybuilding), there's what you learn in a class room (or any other controlled setting), and there's the real world. If you can't feel at home on the stage, and unless you know how your body acts and reacts to food, lights, tans, etc, then even if you're blessed with the best genetics, you're not going to win. There are so many factors in physique competition, and Amy has many working in her favor. She has great structure, an undeniable drive to succeed, a trainer/guru she trusts and who's delivered, and she has that invaluable experience factor as well! Thanks for appearing Amy!

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