Friday, February 10, 2012

Hot Bodies & Sizzling Soundtracks!

Weight-training and intense cardio definitely render some pretty jaw-dropping results, coupled with smart eating and good supplementation. We know all that - more or less (lol). But who ever said that all this training was fun? I could see were lifting (esp. free weights) could get your heart racing, as your imagination was left to its own devices; however, unless you're John Basedow or some p9ox nutjob, I highly doubt you find the treadmill, stairclimber, or any of the other novelty torture devices to be entertaining on their own.

Some people will bring a magazine and play a balancing act, if you step too hard, your reading material will be on the floor. Others like to meditate - till they forget where they're at -- and SPLAT! Others like to watch tv - which unless you have earphones (most that don't), then not only will you be bored, but you'll be annoyed b/c you can't understand a damn thing. (lol).

Finally, an enlightened few take mp3 players (brands & styles vary - based on price, sound quality, disc size, etc).

So anyways, I went ahead and asked the champions, including my friend Valerie Garcia (future Mrs. John Romano), who soon will be a champion (just look at her -- but not for too long), what they listen to when their pumping iron and burning through hundreds of calories!

"It's crucial for me to have some beats in my ear while training, both weights and cardio. There have been times I've left the gym simply to drive back home if I've forgotten my ipod. Something in the music gets me going and keeps me focused. My music drowns out the horrible stuff they play in the gym, the obnoxiously loud girl yakking on her cell on the treadmill next to me, or the greasy guy trying to get my attention (thankfully, I train with my man now so I don't have to worry about that!). It is also a great way to discourage 'Chatty Cathys' from interrupting my workout.

I have my ipod filled with dance, electronic, and some hip-hop & rock. Top ten that never get old:

Reflekt ft. Delline Bass - 'Need to Feel Loved'
Ferry Corsten - 'Black Velvet'
Dinka - 'Elements' (EDX mix)
The Prodigy - 'Breathe'
Hibernate - 'Motion'
Kreayshawn - 'Online Fantasy'
Cerf, Mitiska, & Jaren - 'Beggin You' (Armin Van Buuren mix)
Rick Ross & Drake - 'Aston Martin Music'
Dave Aude & David Garcia - 'Dancin Circles'
The Movement - 'Livest Shit'"

Valerie Garcia

"I absolutely need to have my ipod when I am doing my lifting and night cardio (morning cardio I watch TV at my house). I typically lift with my husband, but we both listen to our music. I think music really helps me focus and it gives me the motivation to push myself. I definitely do not lift/ do cardio as hard when I am not listening to it or when someone is talking to me...the gym is not a place for socializing in my opinion. As far as what I listen to, I would say mostly rock with some hip hop thrown in depending on my mood. My top ten songs are:

Dig- Mudvayne
Warrior- Disturbed
Dragula- Rob Zombie
Show Me What You’ve Got- Powerman 5000
Booty Wurk- T-pain (leg day song) ;)
Numb- Rob Zombie
Shake My- Three 6 Mafia
Monster- Skillet
Tears Don’t Fall- Bullet for my Valentine
Fly- Nicki Minaj and Rihanna

~Sally Lunsford

"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience."

"Oh wow, what a great question. My song list is too long and varied to name them all. I mostly listen to the heavy stuff while I lift. It really gets the adrenalin goin! Sevendust, Disturbed, Pantera, Godsmack, Ozzy etc. I don't EVER have it off! I listen to it from the moment I step foot on the weight floor to the moment I get into my car. I am focused in the gym and it allows me to work hard and avoid any unnecessary jibber jabber with other people and avoid my muscles cooling off. It's a MUST have for my cardio. I couldn't make it through a session without it. Music is a BIG part of my life. My dad was a guitar player, my mom is a singer, my grandparents were singers, my son is a guitar player and drummer and my husband is a drummer. Needless to say music is in my blood. It's a MUST for me everyday!

My Top 10 songs would be as follows: (in no order)
Face to Face-Sevendust
5 Minutes Alone- Pantera
Far Beyond Driven- Pantera
Cryin Like a Bitch-Godsmack
Stranglehold-Ted Nugent
No Rest For The Wicked-Godsmack
Anything Sammy Hagar (he's my fav and I'll let anything play from him, even slow songs)

Danae Zaitz
(Photographed with her daughter, Natalie (Aug 2011))
"Fat Droppin and Muscles Poppin."

"Listening to music definitely can have an influence on my workout. Lately I've been doing cardio/lifting with my girlfriends Kelly and Lindsey, so I ditch the iPod when I'm with them. However, when I have to do cardio alone, my iPod is an absolute must. One will find a mix of Dance/Electronic remixes, Pop and Latin Pop on my iPod. I choose upbeat, positive music selections for my cardio sessions to keep me moving and feeling strong. I love to go dancing on the weekends with my friends, so I like the tunes that remind me of past fun weekends and weekends yet to come.

My cardio consists of walking so I walk to the beat of my music.

When I lift, I do listen to music, but it's not as necessary to me as having music during cardio.

My Top 10 Songs at the moment are:
1) Glad You Came-The Wanted, BassjackersRemix
2) Turn it Down-Kaskae
3) In the Air-Morgan Page
4) Llove-Kaskade
5) Eyes-Kaskade
6) Levels-Avicii
7) Stereo Love-Edward Maya
8) This is my Life-Edward Maya
9) She Wolf-Shakira
10) On the Floor-J Lo

All of these songs are awesome to me for their fun, catchy beats, and I have many good memories being out with friends having a total blast while listening to them. Number 10 on the list is significant because that is the song I walked out to on stage at my last show. It brings my mind to where it needs to be--thinking about hitting the stage next!

Laura Ridings

I've officially given up on trying to interview Detroit-based, Kyrstyn Niespolo, who was featured last year. It's very unforunate that in an industry full of people looking for good press, that someone would be so excited and grateful to be featured, only to then disappear all together. I was under a very strong impression that Kyrstyn would do an interview, so instead of interviewing others like IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Zoa Linsey (who I asked after Kyrstyn), I worked on questions for the person that was first in line.

Several messages since mid December, and I regretfully give up. I take very seriously -- and all the ladies that reply to my polls, get featured, and take the time to participate -- I owe you 100% of my all, because your name appears here. I have messaged this person, simply asking for a two word reply - and nothing. So anyways, THANK YOU to those of you that help this page. Like I always like to thell people -- you DON'T need a card -- to act like - or - be - A PROFESSIONAL. Some people can "go pro," but comport themselves like the biggest amateurs in the world!

On a sidenote, I want to stress how much I admire Team Bombshell, as well as other organizations like Tanji Johnson's Save Fitness. The vast majority of the athletes in these organizations, represent the most gifted, hard working, professional people in the entire industry. However, I do have to be fair, and I can only take so much rudeness - regardless who the athlete is "with." Peace!

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