Monday, January 2, 2012

Pages, Pages, & More Pages!

Jamey Marie, NPC Figure Competitor

Times are changing, and the internet is leading the charge. From social media sites to [web]blogs, vlogs, to personal websites, but if you want to effectively market yourself, you have to be cyber nomad of sorts. So you say you love Myspace? Good for you, but in (circa) 2003, if you cared about your career, you would have rode the wave from Myspace to Facebook. Don't like Twitter? My heart's breakin for ya; if you want to build a fanbase, then you must tweet. Whatever is big, at the present time, you need to be there. Being "online" just isn't enough anymore.

Friendster, Badoo, Yahoo Groups, AOL & Yahoo Chat, even message boards are no longer mediums that you should allocate chunks of your time.

Your day is made up of periods, there's a time to sleep, eat, study/work, and play (lol, leisure/recreation). The time you set aside for "business" (namely in promoting yourself) should be like a pie. You should spend 75% of your time on the sites that matter (Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, Blogger), you should have 10-15% (for example) to answer emails (few people do emails these days, it's all through the aforementioned sites, and if not -- you should encourage it because the people you correspond with should MOST DEFINITELY be connected to you on the most popular sites on the net). And finally, you should have a tiny slice, 5-10% to water the seedlings (those neglected or just downright DEAD sites that were once huge - Friendster, Myspace, Badoo, Xanga, Yahoo & Excite Groups), and maintain a presence everywhere.

You can even type up brief messages, greeting your fans and wishing them luck on their fitness journey - head over to "Google Translate", copy and paste, and create links to different countries that speak different languages. It's ok if the translation isn't perfect -- the fans will appreciate the effort. Imagine a top level American Figure Pro taking the time to say hello the Bulgarian or Slovenian fans in Europe, in Bulgarian or Slovenian. That kind of marketing builds solid links. It shows that you care - and that goes a long way. You can use "Google Translate" for English to any language (Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew) -- and it's FREE!

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*** Remember to market yourselves!

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