Friday, January 13, 2012

Leslie Barnett - It's ON for 2012!

Name: Leslie Barnett
Age: 29
Ht: 5'7
Contest weight: 124

"I had always been the girl you see at the gym working out and doing cardio 5 days a week, but not going anywhere. I have had dream of competing for the last five years, but could never buckle down on my diet and training long enough. In January of 2011, I stepped on my scale and almost cried. I had reached 160lbs. At that moment, I thought to myself, " that is not acceptable and I need to do something about it." I decided then that I was going to compete and get into the best shape of my life. I hired retired Pro figure competitor Jenny Lynn and started on my journey towards the stage. I lost 30 lbs in 3 months and competed in my first bikini competition at the Tanji Johnson Classic, where I tied for 3rd place. I totally fell in love with the sport and competing. In June, I joined Team Bombshell, so I could bring myself to a new level. I competed in 3 more shows, never placing lower than 3rd and even winning the overall at the Night Of Champions!!!!

I plan on competing at the 2012 Emerald Cup and the Flex Bikini Model Search this year. I am also planning on competing in a national show in 2012, but I am not sure which one yet. I want to thank my wonderful husband for always being there to support me and give me encouragement when I needed it. Also, I want to thank Shannon Dey of Team Bombshell for helping me bring in my best physique so far! I hope to keep bringing something better and better to every show!!"

Editor's Note

Big thanks to Leslie Barnett for taking the time to share her story with us, at I think a great many people are hit with a huge dose of reality - sometimes out of nowhere. It's easy to become heavier without ever feeling heavy, but whether we intend to or not, whether we jump on a scale or can't fit into our favorite pair of jeans, at some point, reality just has this CRUEL way of sneaking up on you.

But Leslie Barnett was by NO means out of control; millions of women wish they weighed 160, but she knew she had the potential to shed fat, get lean, and not only that but take the stage. I'd like to wish Leslie the absolute best of luck, and I'd like to really emphasize how important support staff and a team is to a major athlete. Leslie has a great husband, an experienced coach in IFBB Legend Jenny Lynn, and she represents a very tight-knit organization, that is Team Bombshell!' founder, Christian Duque, reviews an excellent tasting whey protein isolate by IronMagLabs. What's really awesome about this product, is the fact it's sweetened with exclusively with Stevia, it's very low in carbs, very high in protein, and very affordable!

Below is Christian Duque's review in Spanish. What's great about is that while 80% of our hits come from the United States, we have a huge international audience - scroll down to the "Webstat" feature and click on it. There you'll see a map of the world and where all of our hits come from. You'll be floored to know how many people love Ashley Lemmons and Ruthie Harrison in Pakistan, Argentina, and South Africa, to name a few!

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