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Intra Workout Nutrition

Let's face it - the fitness industry is literally flooded with pre-workout and post-training bars, shakes, meal tips, and/or macronutrient-loading strategies. But to take it one step further, most articles and studies are based on the Men - from physique to bodybuilding. This site, however, is exclusively about the ladies (from Bikini to Bodybuilding) and what works best for them.

In today's article I'm canvassing more than anything else. I want to know what companies are making the products that today's biggest stars are using. But in a future article, I'm going to delve deeper in the portions, the timing, effects on insulin and other hormone levels, as well as whether these supplements affect the duration or intensity of workout sessions. But again, today I go to the champions and ask them what intra-workout supplments and/or whole foods they're incorporating into their sessions.

Keep in mind that these women are regional and national level competitors, they [stage] veterans, and if you're a novice, you should take baby steps. Rome wasn't built overnight. Also, I encourage everyone reading this article to send in their supplement selections either via email ( Christian Duque or via Twitter).

"I use Fahrenheit Nutrition's 'Endurance' during my workouts. The melon flavor has to be my favorite! BCAA's are so important in my training. 'Endurance' allows me to train harder and speeds up my recovery for after heavy gym sessions. This is a staple in my supplement stack, especially during contest prep when I'm dieting down for a show & need that extra boost to get through those tough workouts. I usually drink between 25-35 oz. of water during workouts as well."

Ashley Lemmons
2011 NPC Nationals
Class D - Runner-Up

"I only drink water during my workouts. I drink approximately 1 gal. I use MET-Rx BCAA's before training and that gets me through my workouts. I feel amino acids are a vital supplement whether you take them before, during or after training."

Tiffany Reffner
NPC Competitor

"I recently discovered the huge impact a good pre-workout/energy drink has on my mental focus and physical ability in the gym. I have seen FAST fat loss since I started using ZipFizz energy drink mix in my water during cardio. Another plus is that it tastes so GOOD I actually want to do my cardio because I can't wait to drink it. Now that's definitely a good thing! ZipFizz contains no ephedra or other artificial stimulants, and has 30x the electrolytes of the leading sports drink! It is also very cost effective and easy to use. Check out their Facebook fan page: to sign up to win a month's supply free and to get coupons for $1 off! I am a sponsored ZipFizz athlete, so I can also attest to the great people at this company. They treat their athletes and customers very well and that's something I am proud to be a part of.

For a post-workout/recovery drink I use ALR's Chain'd Out for BCAAs. It has the ideal 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs- Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine for muscle recovery and anti-catabolic effects. I have had a noticeable decrease in soreness when I take it; and again, taste is a huge factor for me so I continue to use this product because of it's superior taste. I never miss my post workout drink since starting to use Chained Out!

Ruthie Harrison
NPC Bikini Champion

"I use Champion Nutrition's Amino Shooter Core intra work out, daily. Whether weight training or even just cardio, I mix a packet in my bottle of water. I typically drink 30-40oz of water during a training session. Shooter Core contains essential amino acids that take only minutes to be absorbed and go to work. While I use it year-round, it's definitely a staple during prep when recovery is important while being in a caloric deficit."

Nicole Gray
IFPA Figure Pro

***As always, a huge thank you to the ladies that make this page possible, from the amazing champions that contribute awesome quotes, to the many behind the scenes that drop me encouraging emails and give me kudos. I love training and I love bodybuilding, and I started this page b/c the ladies that kill themselves in the gym - they deserve some credit too! They deserve an equal share.

NEWSFLASH - not just anyone can do bikini! Figure means muscle. Fitness means flexibility and hand/eye coordination, physique requires patience (as even the judges don't know what they're looking for), and bodybuilding... that requires control - no not mind/body, more like mouth. SO MANY HATERS out there, from the wannabe commical like Chick (sorry Bob) to the downright hateful (message board trolls). Point is, the Women work real hard - and here - we give 'em credit :)

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