Friday, December 16, 2011

Jamey Peters - NorthWestern Figure Champion

Name: Jamey Peters
Age: 26
Ht: 5'4"
Contest Weight: 120
Regular Weight: 128
Hometown: Stanwood, WA

What first got me interested in competing was watching the Ironman last year and seeing all the beautiful physiques. A friend of mine was involved in competing and she encouraged me to meet her coaches and nutritionists. So I went ahead and met with Tanji Johnson, joined Save Fitness and Pete Grubbs, joined Construction Zone. This past year was my first year competing in the NPC. I started my first diet last November, the week of Thanksgiving to be exact, and ran with it. I have always been involved in sports and was really into powerlifting before I started training for my first competition. I wanted something to work for, a goal, that I could put everything towards. I saw muscles develop in areas I never thought I would see and the one thing that kept me training each and every day is knowing it is me against me. I will get out what I put into my training and diet.

In season, my diet is kept lean and clean. I eat a lot of fish and veggies. Off season, I still eat really clean but add a lot of muscle building foods in, eggs, proteins, good fats and carbs, its all there. I take my vitamins, minerals and make sure to drink a lot of water. I also am a huge coffee fan so pre-workout/cardio is americano's with one splenda and a splash of non-fat. I would love to thank my family for being there for me no matter what, even on low carb days when I am exhausted. My mom and sister have been to every show except one and I know I can always count on them for anything. My sister loves to bring a "cheat" care package filled with all my favorite things for after I am done on stage. I would like to thank Pete and Apple Grubbs from Construction Zone for tailoring my diet and training and helping me reach my goals. Their support means the world to me. I would like to thank Tanji Johnson and all the Save Fitness girls. This is a team full of inspiring athletes, each and everyone on their own journey. The support is incredible and it is soo neat to watch a team mate reach a goal they have been working so hard for. A big thanks to "Biggie" for putting up with me and helping keep me prep and train. I would like to thank all my friends who have been there, during each and every prep, encouraging me and sometimes even joining in on the 45 minutes of cardio or training session with me. That is a true friend! LOL

For 2012, there are some big plans in the works. I am currently taking some time to be in "off-season" meaning lift heavy, train hard and grow. I have a few shows in mind but with Graduate School, I have to pick shows that aren't the same time as finals.... That's the worst, cutting and final exams together! I would like to compete in USA's this next year and possibly a show before. The biggest goal for 2012 is to improve, improve, improve :)

Editor's Note

First and foremost, it's great to come across a champion like Jamey Peters, because you can tell that you're dealing with a very hard worker. Just weeks ago, Jamey went into the 2011 NPC Northwestern Championships. She decisively won her class, and then went on to capture the overall title in Figure. But this victory only briefly quenched her thirst for final victory. The year isn't yet over, but this champion is already thinking about the 2012 NPC/IFBB USA's - one of the hardest battles for top-level amateurs to go professional. At Nationals, every class winner within each division, can apply for an IFBB Pro Card, but at the USA's (like the North American), only the overall winner and runner-up of the entire division get to apply for the pro card. It's certainly an uphill battle that she's more than ready to master.

Jamey's physique has some special qualities that we rarely see in Figure. Figure was first created in an effort to showcase the very best of women's bodybuilding (as it was during its early years [as best promoted in the film, Pumping Iron II: The Women]). The major emphasis was to have muscle that was feminine without the extreme levels of dryness and muscularity that had become evident in women's bodybuilding as of the early 1990's. Jamey has a very impressive level of conditioning that does not sacrifice her feminity or offend the lynchpin standards of her division.

As with all physique sports, people often speak to the issue of balance, but balance is not symmetry, it's also not necessarily interchangeable with conditioning. I think balance involves a totality of symmetry, conditioning, genetics. We, as active participants, can have some impact on our symmetry, based on the way we eat and train, but genetics are beyond our control. I think Jamey has the overall balance to be very competitive. Her excellent definition in the mid-section, delts, and upper back will surely make her stand out. Her height, will likely see her in one of the largest classes, but I have no doubt that her physique will bury the vast majority of her competition very early on.

Best of luck to this great champion! You'll see a lot more of her on!

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