Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ashley Lemmons - Meals After 6pm

Photo by Alex Morgan Imaging

Its 6pm, you just got home from work; starving and tired. "I don't feel like cooking". "It would be so much easier to get take-out". I'm sure everyone has been down this road a time or two. Many people lead such hectic lifestyles and simply don't have a lot of time to cook healthy meals every night. When this subject arises, I always answer with one word…preparation.

I not only encourage this to others, but I practice it myself. Being prepared is a key ingredient to staying on track. Personally, I like to prepare most of my food on Sundays to insure that I always have lean proteins, veggies, etc. readily available when I'm in a rush or just too exhausted to cook at the end of the day.
Many of us also get that hunger pain midafternoon. To ease these pains, I would suggest baking a batch (on Sunday) of Jamie Eason's Lemon Protein Bars or Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread, which are great for afternoon snacks. Pair a couple of these with a cup of green tea and your stomach will thank you.

Personally, I prefer to limit or avoid carbohydrates late in the day. Carbohydrates are primarily used for energy and most of us don't need a lot of energy late in the evening. With that being said, healthy dinner time options would be a lean protein; such as, Veggie Turkey Meatloaf (recipe found on www.ashleylemmons.com) paired with a green veggie like green beans or broccoli. Keep some frozen vegetables on hand to save time, as well.

Lack of time is the number one excuse for falling off track. In reality, you need to think of it like this, "someone who is busier than you made time on Sunday to prepare their food for the week". Don't make "being too busy" your excuse. If you want something; make a plan, prepare, and commit.

Ashley, who is now the new spokesmodel for a local supplement store, New Image Nutrition Depot, will share some great recipes (by Figure legend Jamie Eason) in her full feature, coming up at StrengthAddicts.com. Be sure to continue visiting FigureBikini.com for more on Ashley, great stores like New Image Nutrition Depot, and the awesome talent found at Alex Morgan Imaging.

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