Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ashley, Allison, & Kyrstyn, ROCK NATIONALS!

"I'm ecstatic with 2nd place in a class with 40+ women in the largest show in NPC history! I'm only going to continue to improve and bring another great package to the next one!"

Ashley Lemmons 2nd Place, Class D

Physique sports aren't for everybody. They require a great deal of hard work when it comes to weight-training, a meticulous method for dieting, intense cardio that tests you on a daily basis; then you've got the suits, the tanning, the posing, the music - it's like it never ends. But unlike basketball, football, or any other sport conceivable, in Physique sports you have to stand out from everyone else, based on what the judges are looking for on that day. There is no hoop, no field goal, no home run, to speak of. It's a sport that isn't for everybody.

Ashley Lemmons has proven to the nation and to the world, that her coming of age is here, that she's poised to go pro and when it's time to do battle, she's going to emerge on top! At this very show - just one year ago - Ashley didn't place, but this year she not only did serious damage at Junior Nationals, but she comes back to this very show and takes second in her class! Next year she's going to go pro, and at this rate.. in a few years, one of her biggest goals in life (doing battle at the Figure Olympia stage) will come true. Congrats to this great champion on a job excellently done!

" "I am so grateful and so blessed to have placed 3rd in a class of over 40 women in the largest NPC Nationals show in history. The show was so much fun, very well run, and I am thankful to have had the honor to be a part of it. I am already anxious to get back to the gym and continue to make improvements for 2012!!"

Allison Moyer

Allison Moyer is also no stranger to the fitness lifestyle. She's been published in some of the most prestigious magazines in our sport, she eats lean year-round, doesn't drink, doesn't party, and she came to Miami Beach with a physique that was going to get rave reviews. She took an impressive 3rd place in a class full of talent. One can only wonder what 2012 will hold for this rising star in the Figure world! I predict Allison will also go pro in 2012; I make this prediction now, without a doubt in my mind!

2nd Place, ClassB
I'd also like to send a huge congratulatory salute to our good friend Kyrstyn Niespolo, who's also been a big help to the site. She brought a great package to the Bikini stage and shows very promising signs of a Pro in the waiting. Kyrstyn is a native of Detroit, works at L.A. Fitness, and is a Team Bombshell athlete. Trust me when I tell you, this girl WILL go pro! Again, big congrats to her and everyone that assisted her in her prep. I'll make sure to include questions about this big win whenever we do the much-anticipated interview.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Laura Boisacq, who won the Middleweight Division in Women's Bodybuilding. She is the wife of Shawn Boisacq (2011 NPC Emerald Cup - Heavyweight Champion), and from the looks of her, she's going to be a very competitive IFBB Pro Bodybuilder in her own right. I hope to be able to interview this wonderful athlete in the future. Congrats Laura!!!

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