Monday, October 24, 2011

Ruthie Harrison - On the Rise

Name: Ruthie Harrison
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140lb (contest) / 144lb (off season)
Age: 22
From: Whitehall, MT

I started training with weights and HIIT cardio after my first year of college as an outlet for stress and competition with myself. I played basketball, cross country, and ran hurdles in high school but since then I really missed the dedication sports required. Now in my senior year of a Mechanical Engineering degree, I'm so glad I started weight training early in life; it brings me so much joy and pride in myself to accomplish my training goals. After I gave weight training a try I fell in love and never looked back!

In May of this year, I got into competing in NPC Bikini competitions a pretty random way. One day at college my classmate noticed my shoulders were pretty muscular when I was typing, she asked if I competed and I said no. She convinced me to try it, so I entered a local show only a month after that. I was hooked on the positive energy, the great sportsmanship of all the other competitors, and the rush I got from being on stage. I couldn't get enough so I decided to get serious, and go for the win at my next show. I did my research and found the best trainer out there, Shannon Dey. I joined Team Bombshell, and from there Shannon put me to work sculpting that famous "Bombshell Booty" with intense cardio, 5 days a week of weights, and a fine-tuned diet plan. A typical training day looks like this:

6am - first thing in the morning take a fat burner, then: 1 hr of cardio - treadmill intervals

- Meal #1 oatmeal, egg whites
- Meal #2 a serving a fish, veggies, and sweet potato
- Meal #3 a serving of chicken on spinach greens with balsamic & olive oil
1/2 serving of fruit

-Meal #4 1 scoop of protein powder, 2 rice cakes and coconut oil
4pm - Evening lifting session. I usually hit legs 3 times a week and fill in with shoulders/chest, back/biceps/triceps the other days.
Saturdays I only do cardio, and Sundays I take completely off for a rest day.

- Meal #5 a serving of flank steak and sweet potato salad greens with balsamic and olive oil

10pm - Bedtime! Rest and recovery :)

With Team Bombshell I won my class at my second Bikini show in July, then at the 2011 WA Ironman in September I won my class plus the Overall! I qualified for Nationals in July with my class win so I'll be competing at NPC Nationals in Miami, FL in less than a month. I hope to earn my IFBB Pro card there! Zipfizz energy drinks is generously sponsoring my travel expenses, and even my friends and family chipped in to help me get there.

I can't thank my family and friends enough for being so supportive of me. Ever since I started seriously training for competition they've been by my side, helping me prep my food, encouraging me to stay committed, and even helping me put on my tan on show day. A huge shout out to my Bombshell teammates and my coach, aka "Momma Bombshell" for pushing me to never give up, stick with the plan, and be the best version of ME! I love my teammates and coach like they're my family too.

When it really comes down to it, my goal is to inspire others. I want people to see that true joy comes when you commit yourself, chase your dreams, and work hard to get there! Seeing their dedication and motivation inspires me to keep at it too! I love helping others, and I'm just blessed enough to be able to do it my following the desire of my heart. I can't wait to see what the future holds. Stay tuned :)


  1. the picture in the light green bathing suit needs to be a Victoria's Secret cover - beautiful, girl!