Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So this is what being ignored feels like.

On August 18th I wrote to Cristina Vujnich, co-host of Access Bodybuilding on RxMuscle.com. I had decided to contact her after I saw some of her shots from the IFBB Europa, where she took a controversial 5th place. Her physique was spot on. And who could have asked for a more passionate and soft-spoken champion than her? The fact she didn't win was upsetting, but the fact she was relegated to 5th was downright outrageous.

I sought out on to get her take on (1) the show, (2) the judging criteria, (3) speculation that judges are looking for cosmetic enhancement, and (4) the lineup (e.g. the depth of the competition). I also asked (as I ask all the other ladies featured here) when and why she first started training, who she wanted to thank, and what bodyparts she liked training.

In all honesty, I didn't expect a reply. But alas, she wrote back! She said she'd be delighted to participate, but went on to say she couldn't discuss anything related to her personal opinions based on the show, the judging, the judging criteria, or even the lineup. She could, however, discuss when/why she started training and things along those lines. In a second message, Vujnich added that she would have to run the idea of participating by Optimum Nutrition. She said her boss needed to be informed and that she'd keep me posted. Both of these replies were received August 25th.

That same day, I replied and expressed my interest in the format she'd spelled out. To be honest, it's not what I wanted, but it was better than nothing. During the next day or so, I'd receive a 1 Day Ban on RxMuscle Forums (where I no longer participate on) for publishing an Appreciation thread for RxMuscle.com co-founder John Romano.

On September 5th I wrote to Cristina to see what she would be doing with the feature. I mean, she did state on August 25th that she'd "keep me posted."

Today, it's September 13th and as of yet, no reply from Cristina. Is FigureBikini.com not an acceptable site for Optimum Nutrition? Was our support of Romano the dealbreaker? Did I do something wrong? Your guess is as good as mine.

In conclusion, I know a great many girls on here want to get sponsored _ I mean who doesn't? Contest prep is expensive, and then you have to factor in travel, time off from work, supplements, tanning, suits, etc. My only admonition to you is this -- if you're ever in a position (whether you find yourself in it, or, you've put yourself in it) where you can't give your honest opinion about a show you compete in - or - the lineup you stood in, there's something really wrong with that picture. If you have to ask a supplement company for permission to tell a blog how tall you are and what day you train your shoulders on -- hit the eject button and start all over.

I may not be on the radio, but if you ever want to know when I train legs -- I can tell you in a heartbeat -- 'it's the first bodypart I train each week, because I love hitting quads.' So for those of you languishing in your unsigned status in life, take pause and smile, because you're still free.

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