Monday, September 12, 2011

Bikini Superstar Tells All

"I started competing last year when I was 18 years old. I was active and played basketball and soccer when I was in highschool, and when I reached college i wanted to stay fit and in shape. I bought a membership at L.A. fitness and was soon enough was offered to be part of their staff. Working at a gym helps me stay motivated, knowing that everyone around you is trying to stay fit as well. My good friend AJ seen that i was always working hard in the gym and told me about fitness/bikini competing. He introduced me to my first coach Jim Dockeray. I trained with Jim and competed in my first show, the jay cutler classic, Oct. 30, 2010. I placed 1st in class B and first place in Overall bikini. This show made me nationally qualified! I was so proud of myself and all the hard work i put into my training. I then continued training with Jim, and my next show was Jr. Nationals in Chicago, June18-19. I placed 13th in class B. I wasnt happy with myself after this show! Nationals was a whole different level, and I had alot to learn and improve. After Nationals I ended up joining Team Bombshell. I started training with them and competed at my first show as a Bombshell at Coastal USA's in Georgia, Aug. 20, 2011. At this show I placed 3rd in class B. This helped me gain my confidence back after Nationals and realize I do have what it takes, and can be just as great as any of the other competitors! A few weeks later I competed at my first National show as a Bombshell in Cleveland, Ohio, Sept 2-3. I placed 1st in Class B and made it to the Overalls. I was just inches away from winning my pro card!! However I did not win it. It was such an honor to be able to compete on stage in the Overall at a National show. I was so happy and felt so blessed! My coaches along with my teammates, friends, and family were so impressed and proud of all my hard work and dedication. Knowing that I was so close to winning my Pro Card just makes me push myself and work harder and harder each and everyday! I plan on competing at Nationals in November, and am hoping this will be my lucky show to win my pro-card at! Until then I will keep at it everyday and push my self a little more as I count down the days until I step on stage again! I plan to end the season strong!

How hard do I work on my final week prep?
- My coaches kick my booty in final week prep!! The week before my shows I usually spend time to myself and just concentrate on what I need to do. This week is always very tiring due to the two a days and all the hard training! But if you want it you have to work hard for it! Success doesn't come easy!

Who would I like to Thank?
I would like to Thank all of my coaches, from when I first started competing until now! That would be Jim Dockeray, Trisha Rizzo, Momma and Papa Bombshell, and all my other Bombshell coaches! They have all done so much for me, and have taken the individual time to train/ prep my plan to get me to where i am now!I could not thank them enough. I would also like to thank all my Bombshell sisters, friends, and family who have supported me and helped keep me motivated throughout all my competitive seasons.I wouldn't be able to do it with out any of them! To my Mom and Dad I would like to give a special thanks too. They have been right by my side throughout each competition, and have supported every decision I have made! They have been through so much in helping me reach my goals, and would give anything they can just to see my dreams come true! I truely appreciate everything that everyone has done for me and thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart!

What are my Plans for the Future??
- My biggest goal right now is to get my Pro- Card! After that i would still like to compete and it would be such an honor to get an O invite! I am only 19 years old right now and turn 20 October 28th. Even though I am a young competitor i have many goals and things I would like to accomplish throughout the next few years!

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-I would like to thank Bikinis by Nicole! She has made all of my competition suits since I have started competing! Each and everyone of them has their own unique design.

Favorite and least favorite muscles to train?
- Favorite= I love to train arms and abs! However, lately I have been loving to train my legs and booty. I guess you could say I enjoy training every muscle, but if i had to big which muscles to train the most it would be my shoulders, abs, and butt.

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