Tuesday, September 6, 2011

it's Only a Matter of Time

Allison Moyer
Age: 27
Height: 5'6"1/2
Weight: 123-130
Division: National NPC Figure Athlete, Class E
I began competing years ago, at the age of 20. After hanging up a collegiate athletic career as a cross country athlete, I was looking for another competitive outlet. A local bodybuilder saw me lifting in the gym and recommended that I try figure, which, at the time was an entirely new division. With his help, I embarked on my first contest prep diet and competing in a small local NABBA show where I won my class. After that, I took the next 3 years off to finish my college degree and focus on my studies. In 2007 I entered my first amateur NPC show, the NPC Mountain Valley in Reading PA. I won my class and the overall figure title and qualified for nationals. In 2008 I did my first national show and I've been competing nationally ever since.

As far as my win at North Americans- I believe I am still in shock. I am disappointed I did not win my pro card, of course, as that's always my ultimate goal, but I feel so blessed and so grateful to have won my class. This was my third year competing at the North Americans, and it's by far my favorite national level show. I love the venue, I love the manner and efficiency with which the show is run, and I always feel calm and at ease for this show. This year I felt the lineup was pretty solid, overall the ladies in my class were poised, polished, and in shape so I had no idea how the judges were going to call it. In general, I never pay much attention to the rest of the field. At the end of the day it doesn't matter if 30 girls or 3 girls are in my class, or how in or out of shape they are. I feel worrying and stressing about those matters will only derail your contest prep. All I can do is show up in the best shape possible for me on that day, which is exactly what I did. I was already lean, since I was coming off of competing at Team Universe in July, so I only really "dieted" for about 5 weeks for this show. I did cardio twice a day, one early morning fasted 40 minute session, and one 40 minute session after my weight training later in the day. My training was a combination of plyometrics, cardio, weight training, yoga, and circuit style interval workouts. I trained 6 days a week, and always took one day a week out of the gym, usually Sunday. All my hard work and dedicated time in the gym and kitchen paid off, because by the grace of God, not only did I get first callouts, but I won my class. I honestly started crying on stage and had to fight to compse myself so my makeup didn't run all over before I had to pose down for the overall figure title. That's the first time I've stood up in a figure overall lineup at the national level so I was on cloud 9, and even though I didn't win my pro card, I am THRILLED with my class win. It felt amazing. I was very blessed to have a large network of supportive friends, family, and fans who reached out to me in the days and weeks before my competition with messages, texts and phone calls of support, encouragement, and positive energy.

I'm done competing for 2011, and am unsure about my plans for 2012 since it's a long way off. I typically do the Arnold Amateur because I enjoy the show, but we'll see how I feel. As of now I tentatively plan to come out of the gate early in 2012 with JR Usas and I'll take it show by show from there. I'm really going to be focused on taking home my pro card in 2012. The remainder of 2011 will be dedicated to focusing on my photo shoots and my business- as I'm a self employed trainer/coach/nutritionist (www.alli-fitness.com). I never stray more then 5-7 lbs off of my contest weight so I'm looking forward to training hard over the next few months, keeping myself in top shape, and getting ready for the 2012 competitive season!

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It's Only a Matter of Time
by Christian Duque

If Allison Moyer had done won her class at Nationals, she'd be an IFBB Figure Pro, but instead she dominated her class at the IFBB North Americans. Winning at this level sets this young woman in a class of highly advanced, national level competitors that will all but certainly earn a pro card, but the question is - when!

Allison's physique, comparable to that of Ashley Lemmons, represents the ideal Figure physique. She has lean muscle, tight/feminine midsection, and good legs. Her hair, makeup, and color seem on point. Her suit seems like a perfect fit for her. Overall, we're dealing with an amateur stricty by technicality. This athelete will go pro in a very short amount of time. One look at her sites and the way she can write about her contest prep at the drop of a hat, and you know that going pro and representing the sport in the best possible light, are goals this young woman takes very seriously.

Look for a full interview Allison on FigureBikini.com/StrengthAddicts.com in the the near future! Congrats to this great champion on her excellent placing at the 2011 IFBB North American!

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