Thursday, September 15, 2011

ABsolute Goddess

I started weight training 4 years ago. I had always worked out after I retired from gymnastics at. The age of 14. Before I discvovered weight traiuning I would do a lot of resistance excercises just using my own bodyweight and didn't actually pick up a dumbell until 4 years ago. Like many people, I was intimidated by machines and free weights. Then I started working in a gym. My workout evolved from being full body functional training to splitting up the muscle groups and training my body in sections. I was amazed at the impact this type of training had on my physique. After years of training for performance, I was learning how to train to sculpt my physique.

This year was a contest prep I will never forget. I worked harder than I ever had before. My coach IFBB figure Pro Tammy Strome put together a plan that was more intense and meticulous than anything I had done in the past. I had a 5 day split which is typical but the intensity and volume of the sessions where high. Cardio was 6 sessions a week consisting of high intensity intervals or steady state sessions of 45 minutes. Routine practice was 4 times a week for 45 minutes and is a painful experience. Bruised knees and elbows and shoulders are the norm for fitness competitors. The tumbling really jars your body and you just have to stick it out through the pain until your muscles and tendons strengthen (it gets easier over time). Posing has been a weak point of mine in the past so I practiced like crazy. I was not about to step on stage without perfecting my posing. To tie all the training together I had to follow a diet precisely that was tweaked on a regular basis. Any competitor will agree that diets aren't fun, but are crucial for success.

Next, I am putting in a quality off season where I will work to improve my overall physique paying special attention to building my shoulders. I will also learn some new exciting skills to inter grade in my fitness routine. I am going to try and get an invite to compete at the Arnold's as a Pro...that would be a dream come true. After my experience at the North American's I can say you just need to believe in your dreams and they will come true!

I would like to thank my husband, family and coach Tammy Strome for being there for me every step of this incredible journey. Also my coworkers and members at the Athletic Club in Guelph for cheering me on along the way.

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