Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bikini Goddess - Chelsea Reeves

Name: Chelsea Reeves 
Age: 27 years old
Hometown: Asotin Washington
Current town: Boise Idaho
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 141 pounds
Competition weight: 136 pounds

I used to be the girl that just wanted to be skinny. I would go to the gym, do a TON of cardio and hit the weights without even breaking a sweat. When that became boring, I found myself wanting a challenge and was determined to add size and muscle definition to my body.

In January 2011 I decided to set a goal ....I wanted to compete!! It was a whole new mindset. I hired a trainer, I began eating every 3 hours, cut out the small amount of junk I would eat, and lift heavy. My deadline was April and I was excited to compete!

Chelsea (middle) presents a great physique on stage.
I placed 3rd in my first NGA competition, took 1st place at the NGA Pro Atlas, and competed in The Emerald Cup and The Washington Ironman. NGA competitions are fun but since I didn't place at a NPC show, I have made it my goal to sculpt a bigger butt and shoulders for the Emerald Cup 2012!

I would just like to say thank you to my mom, Nicol Chandler who made my suit, and all my friends who have given so much support.....even when my diet made me cranky

My Take
by Christian Duque

My advice for Chelsea is the same as for up and coming bodybuilders -- 'more size isn't always better.' Take NPC great Larry Neri, who's won two back-to-back heavyweight titles (Oregon, Washington). It would be a serious step backwards for him to play the size game and ruin his stellar physique.

I think everyone will agree that Bikini differs greatly from bodybuilding, in that there's much less points awarded for muscularity and hardness; however, conditioning and balance remain just as critical in both sports. I like the fact that Chelsea has the height in her favor (that's a God-given gift). She also has a nice body that showcases lean muscle, great color, great hair, and her suits seem to be on the higher end. I haven't seen her on stage, but I'm hoping to see something on youtube real soon.

I can understand the frustration of placing well in the NGA, but not doing so well in the NPC. Some might tell you the NPC is the bigGER league, meanwhile others might simply tell you that at the NPC level you're just dealing with more politics than anything else. John Romano and Lee Priest, hosts of the VPX Shotgun Big Show, seem to believe that talent, physique, and conditioning will take a distant backseat in the NPC, to political connections. I'm not saying I agree with them or not, but I think Chelsea has a picture-perfect physique RIGHT NOW. I don't know that getting a bigger butt will change her placings at the NPC level. I'd focus on keeping that balance going, keep doing shows, and landing sponsors and modeling work :).

Thanks soo much to Chelsea for taking the time to appear on . We'll be sure to stay in touch, and hopefully do an interview sometime in the future!

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