Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Happened?

Danae with her daughter, Natalie
at the ABA Natural North American

"My contest prep consisted of strict diet for about 22 weeks (yes that's long but I was coming off being sedintary from shoulder surgery so I gave myself extra time to prep). I followed my coach's changes weekly and we worked really hard on my lifting to help make the cuts we wanted.

I was doing cardio 2 times a day, 45 min in the am and 60min post workout. I would rotate between the stairs and the treadmill and then towards the end I did the bike to help really lean out my legs

I felt my BEST ever! I was ready and excited to take the stage. I got there early in the morning after my hair and makeup was done, went into the competitor meeting and then got ready to take the stage. Got my tan touched up and waited in line. Got to know all the girls backstage and we had so much fun!

Time to go.... Jr. Masters class was first

It was me and 3 other girls. I thought I HAD IT! We stepped on stage, did our T walks, did our quarter turns and then the judges diliberated. They moved me to the end stage right, then to the far left.. I knew I was screwed. I couldn't believe they put me on the end but I kept my head held high and I was just gonna wait it out til the finals.

As far as the open class goes, I was 3 to take the stage out of 9 girls. Did our T walk, did our quarter turns. They moved me to the far right end... I was mad... but then they called me to the middle! I was soooo happy! Middle!! I knew I had this one!!


Finals came, they call out 4th place (out of 4) was.... me...

Open class, after they put me in the middle for prejudging... and 6th place goes to.... ME

I was visibly upset but smiled and congratulated the winner. I took my medal and went back stage and sobbed.

After composing myself, I said goodbye to everyone and my husband and I went back to the hotel, changed and went out for a much needed dinner.

All in all, I brought MY best package yet and I'm happy about that. You can't always place where you want. This sport is if anything a sport to give you thicker skin.

Your look might not be what they want so you just have to do YOUR best and that's all that matters. I KNOW I was leaner than my first 2 shows and coming off of shoulder surgery I was pleased with my results. I went from 155 on March 1st to 118 on stage Aug 13th. NOT TOO BAD!!!

I took 3 days off, now I'm back on for my next show the NGA Windy City Classic here in Chicago on Sept 24th. Hopefully I'll come in tighter and leaner (judges feedback was I wasn't lean enough).

But again, I will just bring MY best package and see what happens.

I was told my posing was flawless and that I looked the most comfortable up there, I even had a "swagger" some said. Overall, I'm pleased with myself and that's all that matters!"

Danae Zaitz

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