Thursday, August 18, 2011

Betheny Harold - NPC Bikini Star

"Hello my name is Betheny Harold, I am 25 years old at 5ft 8inches tall. During competition I try to put a few pounds on so I can weigh 132 pounds. In between competitions I weigh 127-130. So I guess you could say I am the opposite of your average bikini competitor. Most bikini competitors drop a few pounds, but I need to gain a few for competition. My whole life my uncle Bill has always called me a freak of nature because when I don’t train, the weight drops; when I do train, my weight increases. My home gym is L.A. Boxing out of Brentwood, CA where I became inspired to body build.

I had my daughter August 22, 2009; mind you I was 171 pounds when I went in labor. October 2009 I was 138 pounds, which I loved but was not happy with my abs, so I started kick boxing at Gracie’s fitness in Antioch, CA (which was really fun by the way). However, by January 2010 I was 121 pounds. I hated being that small so midyear 2010 I started working out at L.A. Boxing With Jose Garcia so that I could put on a few pounds. Jose told me I would be a great body builder, but I laughed at him. I told him, “why would I wanna be buffer that my man”. He laughed at me and explained the differences between the different types of bodybuilders. After showing me what the bikini girls looked like, I was game.

After my first competition at the Fresno classic in April 2011, where I took second in my class, I loved competing and I was thirsty for more. I did the contra Costa show in May 2011, where I took 1st in my class. I also did the California-culver city show in May 2011, where I took 2nd in my class. The latest show I did was the USA in July 2-11 in Vegas, where I placed 2nd in my class. For the rest of 2011 I plan on getting my pro card. I know I have only been competing for 4months now but I am a driven person with a goal in mind. I can’t wait to get back out there on that stage and show what the bikini body building world has been dying to see!"

Betheny Harold

Editor's Note

First off all, let me say what a pleasure it is to have Betheny join us, here on This is highly-committed athlete will not rest until she goes pro - and beyond. She has a great physique that fits perfectly within the specifications of her Division, but she also has visible muscle development, which separates her from the women that merely do cardio and tan.

Competing in a national level show is no cake walk! Betheny did battle in the tallest group (Class F), consisting of 25 competitors. She took an impressive 3rd place and has made her mark on the national scene.

If you know Betheny, personally, most defitnitely take this opportunity to tell her how proud you are of her. If you're just coming across her name for the first time, you can leave a comment below -- or even better -- drop her a line on facebook. Remember, that anytime you're talkin physique events -- the Top 6 are usually so close in terms of points to one another, that 4th could be 2nd and 5th could be 1st. Taking 3rd place in this kind of a show is FRIGGIN AWESOME!

We'll be doing an interview with Betheny around Sept./Oct. 2011. If you got a message from me on FB directly and you're wondering why? It's because I'm really proud to have Betheny on here.

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