Monday, August 1, 2011

USA's & More!

On the Bikini Front!

The much anticipated 2011 NPC USA's saw many great battles, and as a result, several pro cards were given out to very deserving class winners. Narmin Assria dominated Class A, has she's done in several other shows. Narmin is now an IFBB Pro Bikini competitor -- many congrats to ther! In the tall, class, Maysa Quy pulled out all the stops. One look at her contest shots (taken by Dan Ray for, show a superior level of polish and overall presentation.
"Having competed at the USA Championships this weekend in the bikini division was a total blast! I competed two years ago in 2009 and placed 3rd at the USA, behind my fellow Team Bombshell sister Jaime Baird. It feels great to make a comeback and earn my Pro Card at such a prestigious national level show where all the competitors look sharp.
I reached out to Shannon Dey of Team Bombshell to guide me through the journey of preparing to compete in the 2011 season. I admired how the competitors she works with present such a stellar package and receive such recognition at amateur and pro level shows, also the sisterhood and support the Bombshell girls share!

My prep consisted of various workout programs that changed every week. I lifted 5-6 days a week with cardio sessions in-between. And my diet consisted of 6 meals with various protein sources (such as salmon, chicken, sirloin steak), lots of fibrous vegetables and complex carbs to fuel my training.

I competed in height Class E with over 30 athletes and feel blessed to have come out on top, it was a tough class with such beautiful competitors who all worked so hard to be where they are at. I would say my battle faced in the class was competing alongside my friends, though we all were very supportive and happy to be on stage together :)

I am deeply humbled by my placings of first place in Bikini Class E, since I entered the show with intent of being the top 5 in my class. I made personal sacrifices and worked through the discipline of what it takes mentally and physically the last 16 weeks to achieve a physique I never imagined I could attain. In my eyes, makes me a champion!

I hope to inspire other girls that determination and hard work pays off tremendously, the rewards are endless!"
Maysa Quy
IFBB Bikini Pro

Happy Birthday Karly!

It's IFBB Figure Pro, Karly Woodle's birthday today, so I wanted to wish her best wishes from our little blog. If you scroll down a few entries, you'll be able to learn more about this beautiful, hardworking athlete from North Carolina, now living in Arizona.
Karly has the kind of physique every Figure contestant should strive for. She presents quality muscle coupled with femininty and great attention to her suits, hair, & makeup. With more and more pushing the muscularity card in this division, despite the introduction of WPD, it's very nice to see that at least one champion is keeping with the program.

Again, Happy Birthday to a great champion, from


The Show Must Go On!

Sometimes you dominate a class, and sometimes you do major battle and take it as a learning experience. The key to being a champion, is being a good sport in victory, as well as in defeat. But rest assured, no one gets defeated when they qualify to stand on a national stage, vying for an IFBB Pro Card. I was pleased get a great quote from our good friend Carolina Granados, following the 2011 NPC USA's, where she competed in Class B, Bikini Division.
"Competing in the USA's was an amazing experience, very challenging yet motivating to be around some of the best competitors in the nation. I can't wait to do it again next year!"
Carolina Granados
NPC Bikini Competitor

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