Friday, August 5, 2011

What's for Breakfast?

"I eat a About 5 Raw Almonds and 2 Dried Mango Slrips as Soon as Waking Then Have My Green Tea With Lemon Juice and Cayenne Mix. About 30 min Later 3 Egg Whites, and a Cup of Instant Porridge. 2hrs Later a Repeat of the Breakfast. Before Hitting GymSupplements... Low Carb Protein Shke, Straight After Each Training Session, Amino's, Glutamin, BCAA's, Omega 3 6 and 9, Multi Vit, Vit C, and Calcium."

Tracey Gottschalk-Pike
Figure Champion
South Africa

Athlete Update: I've been asked to Guest Pose at Province and SA' Champs this year, before Hitting the World Championships on October 30th. It's been so hectic with around 4 to 5 Hrs of Gym Time 6 Days a Week.

"I keep the bulk of my carbs around my workout, which is always in the morning. Generally a whole egg, and 1/4-1/2 c whites and 1/2 c oatmeal on the side. Usually wait 30 minutes before I leave for the gym and start getting prepared. I've been using VPX Anarchy as my pre-workout. Gives me a GREAT boost of energy. I am also a big supporter of amino acids. I use a few different products including Xtend-watermelon flavor and 2 BCAA capsules before and after my workout."

Sundae Marshall
NPC Bikini Competitor

"My first meal of the day always includes carbohydrates. Depending on what stage I am in is the time within after waking up that I consume the meal. If I am off season I highly believe no more than 30 minutes should pass after waking up that you consume that first meal. If in season a lot of the time when taking a fat burner I like to wait 30 min then eat, so the meal is still consumed within those 30 min. The only exception to this "rule" is when doing pre-breakfast cardio, which I do on most days of the week. In which ase I wake up and go straight to my nearest gym, do 30 to 45 minutes of cardio and rush back for breakfast.

Meal 1 is always between 1/3 and 1/2 a cup of all natural oats, with cinnamon and 12 almonds mixed in. Then I will have 5 egg whites and about a cup full of asparagus. 8 to 16 oz of water.

With Meal 1 I like to take a Multivitamin, CLA, Omega 3's & 6's, and an Antioxidant. When not taking these in a concentrated form I take the Diet Accelerator by Top Secret Nutrition that has them all in there greatly portioned to a daily requirement and also has metabolic enhacer, diet accelerator, and a mood enhacer ;). I also religiously consume glutamine 10 g with meal 1."

Erika Otero
NPC Figure Competitor

"When I wake up (usually around 5:30) I take a lipo 6 black. About 30 minutes later I eat breakfast. On a regular day I eat 3-4 egg whites and 1 whole egg cooked in coconut oil. I throw in whatever veggies we have left over from the night before with a little squirt of canola mayo on top. On carb days I have 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1/2c oats, 1/4c blueberries- mix it all together and cook one giant pancake- with either coconut oil, kerrygold butter, or almond butter on top. Mmmm Mmm good!."

Amber Shephard Hayes
NPC Bikini Competitor

"My first meal of the day consists of 5oz of Mahi Mahi, a piece of cinnamon ezekiel bread and a 1/2 of grapefruit. I love this meal, it gets me going!! I do not take any suppliments in the morning right now other than dandelion root and uva ursi. I get what I need from my meal.I wake up at about 7-7:30 and eat at 8:15. I get up, I go to the bathroom, I drink 8oz of water, I go down and make my coffee and by that time I'm ready to eat my meal. It's like clockwork."

Danae Zaitz
NPC Figure Competitor

"My first meal of the day is a protein shake. I usually drink it about an hour after I wake up. My favorite protein is vanilla flavor by optimum nutrition, and I add liquid vitamin, flax oil, glutamine, and L-carnitine to it. I order all of my supplements from ."

Carolina Granados
NPC Figure Competitor

"I start my day with Protein Pancakes. I make them with liquid egg whites, oats, stevia, cinnamon and crushed pecans..topped with sugar free maple syrup. I always have my first meal within 30-45min of waking up..Always starving first thing in the morning. My supplements are pretty basic..just a multi and some vit. c with breakfast."

Nicole Gray
IFPA Figure Pro

From Christian Duque:

Thank you to all the ladies of Figure & Bikini, which took the time to participate in our poll question. These women are doing such a great job pushing themselves in-and-outside of the gym. They are proving to be far more than just athletes -- they are great role models for countless young women, and they are helping fuel physique sports throughout the world.

I'd also like to let everyone know that I did a write up for NPC Bodybuilder Kate Cooper. She's been vying for an IFBB Pro Card since 2001, but in the last month, Kate has done major damage at the NPC Masters Nationals and the NPC USA Championships. I hope the judges see all the hard work this athlete has put into her training and contest prep (for more, go to PhysiqueCentral.

Moreover, I'd like to announce an upcoming Q&A with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Judy Gaillard for the StrengthAddicts and PhysiqueCentral websites. While this page focuses on Figure and Bikini, the Women need to strive for unity in all five divisions -- ignorant hate comments made against one division, should be taken as if addressed to all the Women. The Women Bikini stars need to recognize that the Women bodybuilders are every bit as feminine -- BUT -- the Women Bodybuilders should also reecognize that the ladies of Figure, Fitness, and Bikni -- also train in the gym an eat clean.

I know it's easy to preach, but regardless of what the talking heads may say -- physique sports are in demand, and the men do not subsidize the women. In fact, thanks to Bikini, hundreds of competitors are now paying Contest Fees and feeding the industry. Prize money for Bikini -- the largest class (at the Pro level) seems just as disproportionate to revenues, as the prize money given to Women Bodybuilders -- women in the most popular division and the most scapegoated (by chauvenists) are making about the same amount of money -- or LESS!

The Women need a strong unified front, with strong representation at the NPC and IFBB levels. Furthermore... MEN AREN'T JUDGED BY WOMEN, so in a perfect world -- ALL WOMEN JUDGING PANELS will judge the Women. This isn't just a blog with a bunch of pictures of great champions with insightful info on training! Take a moment to think about what an important role you can play on the sport -- whether as a competitor or as a fan.

Thanks again to all the ladies who contributed on this post and throughout the site. will continue to grow, and we hope you keep coming back!

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