Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introducing, Erica Vogt!

"Hello everyone! My name is Erica Vogt, and I am a national level Figure competitor with the NPC. I currently work as a Reading Specialist in the state of Pennsylvania. In addition, I’m a high school Varsity girls’ volleyball coach. An athlete since the age of 5, I have been consumed with making myself the best athlete I could be. I began lifting in high school as part of my high school swim team, and I kept fitness a part of my life since I was done competing in college.

I decided I wanted to become a competitor as soon as I had a job that could support my interest in competition. So, in November 2009, I sought the help of a friend who created training programs, and began training for the NPC Bikini division. Although I competed at the national level in Bikini, I contacted Shannon Dey, founder of Team Bombshell, to help me come in better. I ended last season in Bikini, but with the guidance of my new coaches, I began a new Figure training plan at the end of January of this year. So here I am!

I would love to create discussions and articles about some of the challenges of my journey, particularly nutrition. Since I was an endurance athlete all of my young life, I wasn’t as consumed with eating clean as much as this sport requires. Also, as a teacher and a coach, I would love to share how I make this sport work in my life, and I would enjoy discussions on maintaining motivation and staying positive through training. I look forward to sharing!"

Erica Vogt
NPC Competitor

Make sure to read Christian Duque's article on IFBB/NPC Men's Physique Divsion. The article was largely inspired by Duque's favorite bodybuilding radio show, VPX Shotgun Radio, featuring John Romano and Lee Priest!

Good Luck Steph!

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