Wednesday, July 27, 2011

She's Only 17!

Miriam Looney
Age: 17          Height : 5'2"
Contest Weight: 112 lbs     
Off Season Weight: 120 lbs
State: Alabama

I had always thought cardio and eating very little food would get me the body I wanted. That was totally flawed thinking!! My best friend/personal trainer really helped teach me that weight training is the way to sculpt a lean beautiful figure! During my first contest prep I had a trainer create a diet for me that consisted of lots of lean proteins and vegetables. My first contest prep was absolutely miserable because I was so used to eating high carbs with very little protein, you could say I went through carb withdrawals haha! The dieting now is less torture and more of a lifestyle I've chosen, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Clean eating gives me so much more energy and really makes me feel great!!

"I started competing at age 16 because I loved working out and I really wanted to challenge myself! I took second place, but I wasn't super happy with the way I looked at this show. I had competed at NPC Southern Classic a month prior and was really pleased with the way I came in at that show, I even qualified for nationals! I feel like having to diet an extra month was just too taxing on my body and I was having trouble following my diet spot on. Overall I felt the judging was fair and the girl who took first deserved that placing. The mood backstage was kind of tense considering everyone was trying to get glazed and pumped on time! There was also a lot of excitement because pro cards were being awarded at this show!! Everyone was really friendly, but also carb depleted haha!
I recently competed at NPC Teen Nationals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I'm currently taking a long off season to add more muscle to my physique. The judges told me that I need to add overall muscularity, so that's what I'm going to do! I plan on competing at the end of next year to go for my pro card or at least a top five placing at nationals. The shows this year really helped me play around with my pre-contest carb up and what works best. I've discovered that I look best without any carbs before going on stage, it makes me come in tighter and overall better looking. I want to thank my mom for being my main support system , and my dad for financially backing me up (aka paying for tons of organic chicken!) :) I love you Dad! Also a big thanks to my sister Kathryn for giving me a boost when I was really feeling low."

- Miriam Looney

First and foremost, I want to say what an absolute privilege it is for me to introduce you to some of the best women in the sports of Figure and Bikini. These great athletes take the time to do interviews and appear on blogs and radio shows, because they are determined to doing to promoting their physique and making themselves accessible to fans and novice competitors. Today, I'm very happy to introduce you to Miriam Looney!

While most teenagers are at the mall and/or getting into trouble, Miriam Looney is focused on earning her IFBB Pro Card and taking the physique world by storm. This is serious business! There's training, tanning, strict diet, posing, and tons of merketing (both of her physique, as well as her knowledge and objectives in the sport).

Thanks so much for taking the time Miriam to talk to us, and congratulations on building a remarkable physique! It looks like you're well on your way to going pro and making a huge name for yourself. Most people would be happy to take 2nd in a national show, but you have set your sights on a goal, and your determination is both inspiring and undeniable!

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