Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stage Presentation 101

"I think stage presentation makes a big difference in how you're judged. The key to a good performance is CONFIDENCE. When you exude a level of confidence I think it makes you look ten times better than another competitor who may have a better body but is shy and nervous. I always go on stage with a big smile and a positive attitude which I think has helped me out a lot!"

Carolina Granados
NPC Figure Champion

I've never competed, but I'm as diehard a fan of physique sports as you can get. And I can tell you this, nothing impresses fans more than an athlete that takes the stage and carries on as if they've already won the contest. Whether it's for the cameras rolling in the pump-up area, the mandatory poses, and/or even the posedown, nothing speaks more positively than a competitor that takes charge of the situation.

But there also seems to be some considerations, and there is most certainly a level sportsmanship that comes into play as well. For example, pushing and shoving (something more common with the men), looks unprofessional and sloppy. Additionally, another good rule of thumb is to never take out a placing a questionable placing on your fellow athlete. No matter what place you take, you should always smile, stand tall, and seem indifferent. I know what's I'm saying may seem a lot harder said than done, and I don't know what it feels like to compete -- as of yet, but I can tell you what bad sportsmanship looks like from the audience. You should never let on how you feel inside. Be as happy when win, as when you lose. Remember, excessive jubilation could also be seen as poor sportsmanship. You must be a consummate professional throughout the entire process.

Remember, you don't need a pro card to be professional

South African Goddess

Tracey Gottschalk-Pike

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