Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Colorado's First Women's Physique Pro!

Im 36 5'5. My contest weight is 125 and off season I like to stay around 135-138. I did my first show in 2007 , I competed at the national level for 2 years. I took a 2yr break from competing, recently came back this year, and won the Overall in Figure at the Max Muscle Mile High in Colorado. Next, I went to Jr Nationals (taking 12th), where I was advised to compete in Womens Physique. Two weeks later, I went to Team Universe and Placed first in Women's Physique, Class B,where I earned my pro card. I'm the first IFBB Women's Physique Pro in Colorade!

There will not be any Women's Pro Physique shows until next year, so I will work on some weak areas and hopefully make my pro debut at the April show in 2012. A big thanks goes to Allen Watkins, my trainer, coach, and friend; he has helped me in this sport so much and been such a great support to me!

My diet consists of pretty much the same thing daily, I like to stick to lean proteins, Fish(tilapia), Lean ground turkey, and ground chicken. I stick to high fiberous veggies, like broccoli. That gives me good mix of protein/carbs/iron. I def keep my sugar and carbs low. The veggies help me not be so hungry and If I feel unsatisfied I will add in some phsylium into my diet, which is a great source of fiber as well.

Marilena EchoHawk
IFBB Women's Physique Pro

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